2017 Mercedes GLE 43 Coupe lease (please point me in the right direction)

Can you please share the residuals/mf on a 36 month/10k miles a year lease for a 2017 GLE 43 coupe or possible remaining 2016 GLE 450 coupes. I’m located in NY but I want to deal with jersey/Connecticut dealers to do a full 10 msd down deal to lower the mf. Also, are there any incentives available on this vehicle this month? Any advice on leasing this Mercedes would be greatly appreciated as it’s my first lease.

Thank You

I don’t think you are gonna get deals on a GLE43 coupe lol.

Deal and AMG are an oxymoron. Find someone who got impaled on an AMG lease on Swapalease and take theirs over. You’ll thank me later…

I cant find #s. but im assuming residual in the 50% range and base MF of .00200

Thank you for your input but I’m not looking for any deals sir. I know its a low production car so my best bet is 3-4% off msrp at most. The only thing I wanted to confirm on was residual/mf numbers for November so that when I go in, I don’t have to deal with their nonsense that dealers usually throw out.

Thank you for the MF. I’ve seen a range of residuals and MF on Edmunds and its just so confusing :disappointed:

They dont lease well and the #s will suck. My #s were a guestimate. Try mbworld.org also

If I might ask, do residual and MF value alter every month? I keep hearing that the numbers for November arenterrible for some brands and that they’ll improve the following month.

They can, depends what the manufacturers want to do. You can see when incentives run through by reading the fine print under the lease specials on their website.

If you can wait till December you’ll get much more than 3-4% off and most likely the best residuals and MF of the entire year.

Really? I think I’ll wait until dec to get my lease. Thank you sir

Always best to go last week of Dec. Only negative is inventory is low.

No, not really. No one knows for sure. It may not be until Spring or Summer 2017 when MB will really try to push 2017s, just like BMW did this year with 2016s. I think it’s a low production/high demand car, so you may only ever see a “decent” deal. But if you can wait, then sure, wait till December and hopefully you can get a great deal.

Just putting this out there for others considering this vehicle. On a 36/10 lease, the numbers I got are 55% residual and 0.00143 money factor, giving you have a high credit. One dealer gave me 0.0021 but he was trying to screw me on the lease. As for discounts, Im seeing 3k, maybe 4K at best off cars they have in stock and most dealers barely even have one vehicle so good luck.

Honestly, if your in the market for this car, look instead at the BMW X6 50i, a V8 with nearly 90 extra horses and imo, better/upgraded interior. It costs 10-20k more but it can be leased for the same or even much less than the GLE… shocked. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Ohh also, they have 39 month program on the car, same residual and mf

Happens all the time, a BMW can be leased for same price as a car 10 to 20k less because they have the better discount, incentives and programs like MSD, loyalty etc etc.

BMW is not a car company, they are a lease company that happens to make cars :slight_smile:

Quote of the year LOL