2017 Mercedes E300

17 E300

MSRP - 67,865
Price- 58,230
RV - 40,040
MF- .00167
3 years/12 k per
MSD- 8,000 (forgot to ask what new money factor would be)

Driveoff is 9315.65 (includes MSD, first month and license, doc, tire/electronic fee)

689.60 per month

As mentioned, negotiate the price further, get base MF (0.00092) and if you aren’t in CA, drop the tire/electronic fee.

.00117 is the base residual of the rwd. 4matic is .00092.

The price is too high. Keep negotiating or look elsewhere.

Contacted dealer, here’s what he said:

Unfortunately we do not offer leases without a rate markup

The price that I gave you for the vehicle is employee pricing, inclusive of all incentives, so no money is made on the vehicle. The dealer has to make a small amount on every transaction in order to pay commissions and keep the lights on.

I will work on pricing and let everyone know what the result is. Thanks.

Patience and competition are the buyers best friends.

My advice is find a new dealer. There’s plenty of money to be made including “hold back”. A Mercedes dealer can run at a loss on the front end and still make plenty in service and sales with their margins and “keep the lights on”

  • my 6 years in mgmt at a Mercedes dealer