2017 Mercedes E300 Loaner Deal Signed - $404/mo, 15K miles a year, $0 down

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Mercedes e300 AWD]

MSRP: $61,325
Sale Price: $46,400
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000
MF: 0.00012 - with 10 MSDs, would have been 0.00082 without, and with auto-pay
Residual: 54.8% - would have been 56% but reduced for the mileage over 3K
Acquisition Fee: $795
Doc Fee: $599
Downpayment: $0
Monthly Payment before sales tax $404
Miles on car: just under 6500

Couple of comments

MSDs: $5K is a good chunk of change to hand over. But it saved $2300 over the life of the lease. If I can get 46% return on capital in 3 years, tax free, I’m signing up for that program all day, every day.

Miles: This lease is for 15K miles. The same deal but with 12K miles would have been $372/mo before tax and with 10K, $350ish. So the sub-$400 deals for lower miles are definitely out there.


Good stuff but we need to know where this was achieved, because I haven’t had success getting anywhere close in the northeast

Somewhere in VA…
Edit: I guess not. Good deal.

I was going to ask the dealer if it would be OK to post their name on a forum like this, but I forgot. They are closed Sundays, so I’ll ask tomorrow.

I’ll say on a very general, high level, this was in the western part of the country.

And also, I had to fly out and drive the car back home myself. My local dealer pretty much laughed in my face when I asked if they could match this deal.

Congratulations, great car and for the money it’s even better!

Congrats on a great deal

Awesome deal, happy for you (your wife?). Unless you’re lucky, I think a national strategy is key with these.

Great deal. Did your discount include fleet? Are you going to drive it back or ship it?

It’s okay. Show up and do donuts in their parking lot!!

I got an opportunity to buy a car but going to pass because I am still looking for a car with P1. This is an ex service loaner car with 7,461 miles. It has these options:

Lunar Blue - $720
19" AMG 5-Spoke Wheels - $500
Rear Deck Spoiler - $350
Comfort Box - $300
Rearview camera - $300
Parking Pilot - $750
Sport Wheel Package - $650

Total MSRP - 56,645

Car has a selling price of 42,780. This car is located in Southern California. Instead of some other random guy getting it, I can at least give this to a fellow person on here. PM me if you are interested in this car. This is a very good price and hard to come across a car like this.

Looks like this


Presumably their price includes fleet incentives (which seem to be higher than the published MB incentives this month)?

Nice price on a hard to find thinly equipped model, wish I were on the west coast.

A 24/10 lease at standard MF, RV (adjusted for mileage) puts me really close to my $300 month goal.

Hi bbonly,

I just joined the forum and don’t see the easy way to private message. I would be interested in the vehicle you found if it can be leased…I am in SoCal, Orange county Area.

Would appreciate the tip.


This dealer is strange. They play around the math. I did this deal for another person on here and when we tried to use the fleet incentive, they first told us it would only be $500 off. The “price” was reduced but we never saw any discount. It was slightly shady. But they lowered the price down to 40,999 or something at the time of purchase so they made it up in other parts of the entire purchase. In all, this is the third car from this dealership that was offered to me. They seem to have alot of loaner cars with not much P1s. As for other dealers, most have P1s at least.

I’m don’t think I got a fleet discount. I don’t qualify for any unfortunately. But maybe their selling price included one they used in the back end? I really don’t know.

You probably got the summer sales incentive which you can’t combine with the fleet discount anyway. Congrats on the deal.

I PMed you. If this is within an 1 hour drive from me I may just go Duke it out at the dealership. It is nearing the end of August and 2018s should ne dropping anytime now so i may be able to get a Killer deal! I was in the market for a C300 36/15 for 300/month but I wouldn’t mind an E300 for similiar price

Is there a good way to search the dealer’s inventory for retired loaner cars? I find that most of the dealers do not provide that type of inventory thru the online inventory search. Any hints would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Go to the dealer’s website. If they don’t have a courtesy loaner section, then search for used 2017 models with less than 10k miles. MBFS can lease those as new once they have met their minimum service commitment (3 months).

Dumb question but does that apply to '17 cpos with under 10k miles or only unregistered cars

CPOs can’t be leased as new cars.

For those of you who asked for the dealer, I asked the dealer if it would be OK to post the name publicly and the sales guy I talked to said they’d prefer I don’t do that. Not sure why they wouldn’t want the publicity, but I’ll respect their request