2017 Mercedes E300 4Matic - How much off MSRP?

Hi everyone,

I have been going back and forth between the 5 series and E Class.

What do you think is a good percentage off MSRP for a 2017 E300 4Matic?

I see that people are getting crazy discounts on the 5 series - like 13-18% off the 5 series but is that possible on a 2017 E Class?

I went to a dealer yesterday and he said the best he could do is 5,000 to 6,000 off MSRP. I know he can do better because he said it’s not a deal he is losing money on, it’s good for both sides.

Does anyone know what percent is marked up from invoice to MSRP?

I know that BMW is marked up 7% according to a dealer in NJ.

Thanks for all your help! I’m located in NY but am looking to get the car somewhere that does MSD (which NY does not) so probably New Jersey or Connecticut.

The reason bmw can drop so much is because they announced a new 5-series that is coming in 2017, so they are trying to get rid of as much 2016 5-series as they can.
The E-Class just came out its brand new, so 6k off is pretty good for now. If you went for 2016 E-Class they would also drop 13%-18% from MRSP

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Check edmunds for invoice price and keep in mind that dealers have holdback as well. Google how much holdback MB dealer have off the MSRP.

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I helped a friend with his E300 lease this month. Ended up being 12% off MSRP and no MF mark-up. This is in Southern California; I would imagine this can be replicated in a major metropolitan area with a healthy number of MB dealers.

Wow that sounds incredible for the redesigned one!

Do you happen to have the MF and residual? As well as the MSD details? Also there is an auto pay discount?