2017 Mercedes E Class Lease. Room for better deal?

Hey there! I’ve been reading multiple topics on Leasehackr for the last month and have picked up some amazing tips! I will definitely say this is my favorite site yet for all inquiries and even tips for leasing cars! You guys are unbeatable.

Here are the details:
2017 Eclass Mercedes Benz
MSRP $63k
Selling price $57k (Essentially 9%. Almost $6k discount for car that’s been out for 2 months now)
12k/36 months
$3k down/drive off
Good deal?

I know the Internet sales manager at Benz in Beverly Hills. I can run it by him.

Lol neither a great nor short of amazing deal. Just barely an ok deal. I would have a hard time justifying an extra $100 for a 2017 E300 vs a 2016 E350

I’d have a hard time paying that much for an old E-Class that’s been around since 2010. Inventories of 2016s are just about gone and the new car drives like a much more modern car.

Judging by the numbers I’ve seen elsewhere, I’d target 12% off MSRP on a 2017 E300 in Southern California. That would represent an exceptional deal that some internet departments may be OK with month end.

Here are the numbers, by the way:

2017 E300 Sedan
36/10K: 62% residual, .00139 MF

If you don’t care about 60 HP difference, then that is correct. Drive a c class engine with an E class body lol


When it goes on sale in June, the E-class will come with only a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. That engine makes the same 241 horsepower in the E300 as it does in the C300, but it’s burdened with an extra 400 pounds in Mercedes’ mid-sizer. While it never feels overtaxed, its presence in this car is definitely due to CO2 and fuel-economy dictates, and the entry E-class will be slower than the outgoing base model, which uses a 302-hp V-6.

Those who want to drive rather than ride in their car may want to hold out for the AMG versions, now offered in six-cylinder E43 or eight-cylinder E63 guise. There will be E coupes, convertibles, and wagons, as well, although we may be relegated to an all-terrain variant of the latter, a lifted thing in the manner of Audi’s Allroad.

I’ve driven both; my folks lease a 2015 E350, and we got a 2017 as a loaner.

2015 has a dimwitted transmission that’s jerky at low speeds and hesitant to downshift. E350 might be quicker in a drag race, but in day to day driving, E300 feels more responsive thanks to peak torque (273 lb-ft) at 1,300 rpm rather than 3,500 rpm. Start-stop on E350 is horrendous as well.

Thanks to all! Very good insight. Greatly appreciated!

Not a drag race but just accelerating off the red light and overtaking on the highway, the E350 would leave the E300 in the dust. As for the Torque, well that’s great if you need to pull a trailer in the E300 lol.

The point was, given that they are giving away 2016 E350, the lease deals would be much better on those (ie 18 to 20% off MSRP etc etc). But if you need a 2017 E300 for several hundred dollars more, then have at it lol :slight_smile:

Other than the handling of Sport mode, one of the reasons why the car was so fun to drive in the mountains was its growl at the press of the gas—a strong one for such a little engine. Turns out, that growl isn’t really the engine on the car. It’s an E-Class engine, but it’s a pre-recorded one that comes through the speakers upon acceleration.

You might groan at this, but Mercedes has their reasons—the noise-dampening systems on luxury cars. Some cars pipe the sound from the engine compartment in through tubes in the floorboard. Others, well, fake it. It doesn’t necessarily take away from the drive since being able to hear the engine makes it more fun, but it is sort of sad to realize that it’s some other E-Class making that noise.

You got to be kidding. 241 hp/273 torque not good enough for highway overtaking? How do you even manage it in your Volvo? LOL
Besides, you keep pushing oranges to people shopping for apples in general and last year’s apples to someone shopping for this year’s crop :slight_smile:

2017 S60 CC: 240 hp @ 5600 rpm / 250 lb-ft @ 1,500 - 4,800 rpm, 3852 lbs
2017 E 300: 241 hp @ 5,550 rpm / 273 lb-ft @ 1,300-4,000 rpm, 3,792 lbs


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Certainly the Volvo is no speed demon but I am not the one here claiming that the volvo s60/2017 E300 is better than the 2016 E350 in terms of engine.

I am not pushing oranges. Merely pointing out to people that want to spend lots of money on a shiny apple just plucked from the tree that oranges are good fruit that are going cheap now and/or the apple that has been in the refrigerator for a month is also still tasty and cheaper.

However, if one must have a shiny fresh apple off the tree, then I do hope they enjoy em apples :slight_smile:

drove the e class loaner, I have a 2014 e350. the new e class feels like a 4banger.

It is a 4-banger. When I first heard my friend start his up I did a double take and checked the back and window sticker to see what sort of diesel motor was in there… it’s very loud and ‘clackety’ sounding… I mean even compared to most basic 4 cylinder motors in far cheaper cars, it’s among the least refined sounding 4 cylinder I’ve ever heard. Probably due to direct injection, which is needed to make a 4 cylinder produce good power and fuel economy, but still, very unlike a Mercedes… especially one with a $65k sticker.

That 6k discount isnt so much after you put 3k down.

2017 E class loaner (5k miles) with Prem 1 pkg. Trying to get under $500 per month incl tax. Maybe try MSD’s to reduce MF. Seems like a good end of the month deal. Anyone have luck on these?

MSRP: [$65,205]
Selling Price: [$54,150]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [7,500]

MF: .00159
Residual: 62% / $39,860 (w/ $567 mileage penalty)

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: $2000 (1st month, acquisition fee + reg/doc + ?)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$593.45]

Zip Code: [90028]
Sales Tax Rate: [8.75%]

Terrible deal. People on here have gotten better mich deals on brand new E300s, plus they got more mileage allowance than 7.5k/yr.

Negotiate a bigger discount and the base MF.

Thanks Jon. Ya I am going to try and get to at least 20 percent discount. Maybe look at new ones as well and run some numbers. Mileage isn’t a big deal because I drive 5 miles a day. But you’re right it should be a lot better.

What’s the strategy to get the MF down? Just tell them this is what it needs to be?

You can’t really negotiate the MF, other than telling them to get it to the National MF from MBFS. Then adding MSD’s and Autopay to bring it down.

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You should drive those miles in style. Get a new E300 …

If Styles what he wants he should check out the genesis😉