2017 Mercedes C43 - Advertisement

Live in the Denver area and saw this ad. I’ve been trying to understand how they can do this without lowering the money factor or providing discount on the msrp. I’ve entered it on the hacker calculator but it still doesn’t add up…

Secondly, would it be feasible to get a C43 with zero down, 10 MSD’s and get this car for less than $450/month?

So with the cap cost added in it is around $550 a month. For a base C43 with no navigation, halogen headlights and no options. Not even a pano roof or real leather.

Not possible to get this car stripped down base for under $500 let alone with options.

I’m sure there is a dealer discount to get that price. They are also requiring $3800 CCR. Plus, a bunch of fees probably aren’t included yet.