2017 Mercedes C300 Loaner

Are MB loaners eligible for fleet incentives?


Typically yes, be prepared that the fleet incentive can be reduced by the available dealer cash. Also, loaner has to have less than 10k miles in order to lease.

Right, the dealer reduced the selling price by $500 after I asked about the fleet incentive. The car has less than 5k miles on it.

That’s not true, they can certify it and still lease it out.

It’s crazy some dealers will tell you no others will tell you yes I just leased a e300 and they took $1000 off using fleet incentive

Mercedes dealers have started to flat out lie about stackable incentives and MSDs

100% correct. When I was a “product specialist” for an MB dealer the GM controlled the deals and he made it his goal to ensure no customer received a stacked incentive. He would say fleet was the monthly cash program etc. or give 25% of the fleet in the form of extra discount. I cant count on my fingers or toes how many C class’ I saw drive off at $650/mo and 17’ e’s at $8-900.

And if you brought up MSD’s they wouldnt even respond to your emails haha.

Wow pretty sad if they wouldn’t be so greedy they will sell way more cars

It’s not really being gready. Nobody blames them for making money.

Consumers are so poorly educated on leasing- they are to blame. LeaseHackr will lead the movement and shape the future :sunglasses: :crown:

The way I look at it is all the people who sign terrible deals allow the dealership to offer us screaming deals, similar to how all the interest paid on credit cards, leads to an abundance of signup bonuses.

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They honestly didnt care. After everyone and everything was paid it was still 3-400K profit with service dept included. Luckily for me my business enabled me to leave the normal job life and get out of that environment.

And definitely. Consumers knew virtually nothing and got taken to the cleaners even on loaners. Countless times the money factor would change 3 times during the deal to make up for an msrp discount and no one would ever notice. Crazy stuff.

Yes hopefully people become more educated it’s crazy how many people just go in and sign. this forum is great I have learned so much on here a lot of great info and great people. especially when dealers try to hide stuff.

I totally understand you Nate I’m just like you like helping people and could’nt stand ripping people off pretty sad they keep getting richer and richer like Ryan said hopefully people become more educated there is so much info on the internet research gives you so much knowledge.

Going to look at 2017 C300 service loaner tomorrow. 4K miles. Got a monthly price. No idea how the dealer got there! Can’t find the current MF and residual on 36/10k? Don’t qualify for any incentives that I know of. Can anybody get this fleet incentive? Thanks.

Here’s what Edmunds told me when I requested yesterday - assuming sedan, 59% RWD, 60% AWD

What did they offer you don’t go in until you get to the price you want or at least close we’re are you located what’s the msrp what’s the selling price residual for a c300 loaner when I got quoted 2 weeks ago was 58% for 12k/36 months

Hackrs, please help reveal the deal. It is a 2017 C300 AWD loaner with 4500 miles. Happy about the selling price but not the MF. MF has been marked up to 0.00169 before MSDs and the dealer refused to lower it down.

How are you getting 28% off?

It didn’t take me too much effort. The only thing i asked was to apply the fleet discount on top of his selling price.

I think the dealer us trying to make the discount back on the MF.