2017 Mercedes C300 Loaner NorCal

2017 MB C300 RWD Loaner with 3400 miles:
MSRP: $43,525
Sale Price before rebates: $35484
Rebate: $2500 (United Premier Program)
Lic and tite: $375
Doc Fee and CA electronic fee: $109
Due at signing: 1st month + fees + 10 MSD
MF: 0.00102 - brought down to .00032 (10 MSDs)
10 MSDs - $3500
Residual 65%
Acquisition fee: $795

Monthly: $249 + tax

LH Score: 13.3

Plus I get 25k United miles, which I value at $500.

How am I doing? I can try to get another $500 off the selling price but not easy in NorCal.

Decent. Can you PM dealer info. I’m looking for similar but with 4matic

How did get 25K UA miles?

United Premier Program for MB: https://unitedpremier.truecar.com/mercedes-landing.html

There is currently a $2,500 Rebate + 25k Miles.

Scored a 2017 MB C300 RWD Loaner with ~2200 miles today:

MSRP: $43,705
Sale Price after United Premier rebates: $31468
TTL/Registration: $370
Doc fee: $80
Due at signing: 1st month + fees + 10 MSD
MF: 0.00102 - brought down to .00032 (10 MSDs)
10 MSDs - $3000
Residual 62%
28% off MSRP
Acquisition fee: $1095 - didn’t want to negotiate down given that the dealer gave into the 28% discount. Was originally discounted 21%.
Total drive-off: $4545

Monthly: $218 including tax

LH Score: 16.1

MB San Francisco
MB Marin was also very aggressive with their pricing over email

Funny story: I test drove the car when the car was already loaned out to someone. Turned out the loanee had her shopping bags and yoga mat (I know, very SF) in the trunk. I don’t know how MB handled that situation but the car was thoroughly cleaned and gas filled before handing the keys over.

Tip 1: Ask for the car’s stock number when comparing different loaner options. You’ll be able to tell relatively how long the dealer has had the car and adjust the sale price % off accordingly.

Tip 2: I found conversations went much better when I didn’t try to negotiate on individual levers like MF and sales price early on. I waited until they knew I was ready to buy and had good credit before pulling those levers. This usually means a phone call or a visit to the dealer.

Tip 3: Just a theory, but I bet you’ll make the best deals with the top salespeople. Look to deal with someone who has a lot of awards on their desk. It might be worth just asking who the top performers are.

Shouldn’t the residual be 65% on C300 RWD ?

For a 24/15k, I was quoted 62% on edmunds and a couple of dealers.

That makes sense, you would add +3% for 24/10

I edited my original post with some tips I learned hunting for the best deal. Good luck and please share your results! I was only able to score my deal with the help of this community, several days of email, phone, and finally a dealer visit.

Congrats! But did they let you keep the yoga mats ?

Haha! Little did they realize, that would’ve sealed the deal much more in their favor!

Awesome deal! Do you have to have premier status to get the $2500 rebate? Checking my certificate only shows the 25k miles.

Also silly question for the community, but what can be paid with a credit card on a lease?

Yes, you need to be premier status.

I paid my drive-off and MSDs on a credit card. About $4500.

Thanks! 20char20char

Don’t see the $2500 rebate, it’s over now?



I know the landing page, but it only mentioned 25k mileage not $2500 rebate

Did you look at CPO or new? Otherwise maybe it’s regional?

CPO 202020
I’m in PA, which area did you see the rebate?


Ok, you have to have status. Silver doesn’t make the cut, only 25k mileage