2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 - $335 Lease - Good deal?

infiniti’s really out to party with these leases!

Cap cost reduction is what a down payment technically is. It’s essentially prepaying part of your lease upfront to lower your monthly.

Many salespeople confuse that with any money due at signing. I suspect that is what is happening here.

The salesperson may think that your down payment is only “Your first months payment would already be in the down payment” and nothing else (not including MSD). So maybe confirm that you will include max MSD into “down payment”, but you will not put any cash towards cap cost reduction (possibly only small amount to reduce MSD)

@max_g just said the same, but in less confusing manor :slight_smile:

Ask that guy how much he needs to be due at signing to make it work.

To others you can clarify the following upfront:

Acq fee
$0 cap cost reduction

Due at signing:
First month

I dont think infinity does MSDs but i might be wrong. Either way that is a great price in my opinion. You have to post pictures if you get it.

I agree. To put it in perspective - it’s about the same money as one would pay for a mid-range Civic or a base WRX.

Im pretty sure Infiniti does allow MSDs. It just hasn’t been done on some of the posted Q50 deals (i.e. 3.0t premium trims) because the MF/APR was already practically 0%. I think the MF isn’t that great on the 2.0t trims, so MSDs can be used on these.

This was his response:
"You can use a maximum of 3 security deposits equating to : $900

With your down payment already of 4,700, together that equals : $5,600

That leaves your monthly payment at : $ 265.81"

I’ve repeatedly said that I do not want a down payment, but this guy just doesn’t seem to get it. >:(

Maybe Anthony from DSR leasing can get you a better deal? He posts here regularly and i believe he is in socal. At least he is a broker and everything is straight forward. Dealing with dealers is not easy, you got to have patience and do some leg work.

See the Q50 thread…I believe resident Infiniti guru HN308 has some thoughts for you.

I think you need to clarify with him that you’re not putting any down payment. I’m guessing there’s some kind of confusion on his part about drive off (tax, 1st month payment, registration, etc) vs. down payment (cap cost reduction).

Also for MSD, I believe at an MF of 0.00003, it might not be worth it to put any MSD. (not sure, but try working out the math).

I leased my q50 from Monrovia last year, and many of these socal dealerships were able to offer some pretty aggressive deals.


Yes, @ibtheory - I totally agree that there appears to be some kind of confusion. I re-emphasized that I’m not putting any down payment (and at that point, the conversation stopped).

I just submitted an inquiry to the Monrovia dealership - thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

@NY13, @max_g and @ibtheory - out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on leasing a CPO vehicle? I’ve heard mixed things about CPOs and would just like to know what your opinions are on it! :slight_smile:

Going forward, you can try what HN308 and I try to do (with some personal variation):

Get all your ducks in a row and make your own bid in detail with cap cost, RV, MF etc down to the penny.

Either somebody will accept or at least you set the terms from where the negotiations begin.

Nothing wrong with cpos. Just need to get a good discount to make it worthwhile.

In theory it sounds great, but CPO leasing hasn’t really taken off due to a variety of reasons.

If looking at pre-owned, ask your friend at BMW if they have any exec/demo leases.

Well, technically - they are used cars (I consider loaners/demos also) and not everybody feels comfortable with buying a used car. Especially with relatively high mileage.