2017 Mercedes Benz C43 - Comments on this deal?

Been working with a dealer on this 2017 MB C43. I’m returning my current lease next week and been looking at different options.

MSRP: $67335
Selling Price: $58750 (13% off MSRP)
Miles: 7,500 miles / year
RV: 61% - leasehackr calculator has it 10k miles for 61%, but dealer had it 7.5k miles for 61%
MF: .00123 - bought down to .00053 with 10 MSDs
Acquisiton fee: $1095 - A bit high I think
Monthly payment: $630 with 9.25% tax included
Drive-off: $7815 (10 MSD’s, DMV, doc fee, 1st months)
36 months lease term

This will be a second car / weekend car since I take public transportation during the workweek and my wife has an electric car for her commute. We probably won’t drive it a lot so I’m thinking 7,500 miles should be ok. Our current lease only has 23,800 one week before returning, so if we drive the same amount, I should only be over by 2k miles or so.

What do you guys think of this deal? I’m in Northern California if that matters, where every other dealership thinks that their C43s are very rare that they can’t even come close to invoice pricing. Also, only other car that’s in contention right now is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which I can get for $480 with tax for $1000 drive off, 10k miles/year.

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Not sure how good the deal is, but… I dont see how you can compare the C43 to a Giulia. I LOVE the Giulia, but the C43 is a way nicer car in every way. They are not even in the same league.

Very true. I was originally looking for something to replace my 328i and found the Giulia to be a good choice. Test drove the c300 and felt underwhelmed by it and the CA urged me to test drive the C43. Admittedly, the C43 wasnt really in my list as I knew it was expensive and thought that leases would be very high. Really wanted my next car to be under $600 so the C43 will be over budget.

Chase the “car”…not the “deal” . Go with the C43.

This is a sedan I assume? Edmunds says 35/10 residual is 60% so if the only improvement dropping to 7.5k gives is 1% I wouldn’t really sweat it. If you really like the c43 you could also consider ordering one, a $67k sticker must have a ton of options, do you want them all? The 2018 has some nice new packages as well.

Yes, this is for the sedan version and yes, it has a lot of options like Parking assist, Premium 3 pack, performance seats, night package, 19" wheels, pano roof and designo metallic paint. I probably won’t get Parking assist, designo paint and pano roof if I were to build one. I probably won’t also get as big of a discount if I were to order one though.

Not sure if the selling price is good or not. But MB’s Aq. fee is $795, so yours is marked up by $300.

Giulia is a great car, but you can’t compare 2.0 vs 3.0 MB. Go with a car that you will enjoy most.

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Somehow I was thinking E43…

Lot of money for little car… IMO.

Wont/cant comment on the deal (I got quoted similar numbers from my broker back when this car was C450 AMG Sport).

I would say though, that you could get a similarly performing XE 3.5t for $450 with half of that drive off, find one with the Portfolio interior and IMO its a nicer interior than the MB.

MB (except the S class) has become so gilded… E class looks nice but feels cheap with its clipped on door panels and pleather everywhere.

The acquisition fee is marked up. See if you can drop that down to about $795. Otherwise, sub 1% payments on an AMG mercedes is a great deal (even at 7500 miles).
Honestly, I would not consider the Alfa against this MB. If this was a base C-class, then absolutely, but an AMG variant is significantly better than that Alfa.
Overall, this is a solid deal if you can live with 7500/year.

Thanks all for the comments. I got the car and brought it home. Negotiated them down to $600 per month with 9.25% tax, but got the maintenance package for another $25 so now my total is $625 with tax. Everything stayed the same with 10 MSD’s.

Pretty happy with it, not as powerful/raw as a C63, but still a lot of usable power at 360hp especially for normal driving.

Yes but keep in mind that is $3K in options you otherwise wouldn’t buy anyway so not getting the same discount isn’t really relevant. Plus an ordered car is in premise already sold, no cost to the dealer unless you back out but that’s a risk they take depending on deposit requirements. It may be worth doing a build of how you would option the car and shop it around to dealers to see what they would agree to.

I leased one three weeks ago

12k miles a year
63k MSRP
1000 total due at signing no additional down
640 a month including tax (9.25%)


your c43 deal is unreal. where did you get the car from?