2017 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG Demo lease

Hello I have been following the forum for about a month and it has helped me tremendously. Just wanted to share the deal I signed and your thoughts. When I started negotiating dealer began at $840 a month. The only question I do have is when doing MSDs is there anyway to lose them? Finance manager was trying to convince me not to get them not sure why. I also know the money factor was marked up from 0.00123 but after a week of negotiating the dealer wouldn’t budge.

Msrp: 59605
Selling price: 47000 (21%)
Money factor: 0.0018
Residual: 57%
Acq fee: 1095
Dealer fee: 299
Title and license: 350 (not sure)
Total due signing 1750 (fees) + first month + 6000 MSDs
Total monthly before MSDs: 566
Total after MSDs: 511
Mileage: 6100

why is the MF so high even after that many MSD??

what is base MF?

Base was 0.00123 I believe

why is the MF higher after you put 10 MSD then?

Base is .00123

your quote has .0018

am i missing something

Oh I don’t have the paperwork infront of me mf started at 0.0018 then I did 10 MSDs to lower it. Don’t have the new money factor infront of me.

Your acquisition fee is marked up too

Deal is signed. No going back now.

All of which I was aware. I really wanted the vehicle and after a few days of no reply from the dealer after trying to lower fees and MF. I decided to pull the trigger. Maybe if I waited until the end of the month I would’ve gotten The fees lowered and the mf lowered further but I ran the risk of losing the vehicle. A demo c43 was really hard to find. But my question is in regards to the MSDs.

Throughout the forum everyone recommends putting MSDs but the finance employee insisted it was a bad idea. Any particular reason she would say that? Also what are some ways you can lose them?