2017 Mercedes Benz C300 Loaner Sedan

Hello I have been following this site for about 3 weeks and it has helped me a lot with leasing. I began driving to different dealerships and I think I found a pretty decent deal hoping for some opinions.

2017 Mercedes Benz C300 6,100 Miles Sedan 4 Matic
MSRP: 48,100
Sales Prices: 38,745 (19% Off)
MF: 0.0089
Residual: 55%
Acq Fee: 1095 (not upfront)
Sales Tax: 6.88%
Due at Signing: 700$ includes First Months payment, rest is for fees
Monthly 36/15K: $465

When I put the numbers in the calculator i get $460 not sure where the additional $5 came from.

Account for ± 10 from the calculator, but ask them for another 2% off that price, ask them for the base acq. fee, and then look into doing MSD’s. That’ll bring your payment down

Even if nothing else changes, and you do max MSD, that’ll bring your payment to ~= $410

Also, on the calculator, make sure you change the Acq. fee for you to 1095 for now.

Are MSDs worth it? That’s a good amount of money. Also is there anyway to lose your msd when you turn in your lease?

Also he stated the 1095 fee is standard from MB. Is that true?

No it’s $795. I got to 22% off on a loaner, push for more

They are without a doubt worth it, depending in the savings it could be a 20% or 30% return. You can lose them if you miss payments, return the car damaged, over miles and so on. Most all leases today come with gap insurance so you don’t have to worry about that.

Monthly seems a bit high considering people are getting loaner e classes for under 400.
Try to insist on a bigger discount, and use max MSD’s to bring your payment into the 300’s

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