2017 Mercedes Benz C300 loaner price

My hacker experts. Now trying to help my mother-in-law. I already hate this dealer. What do you think is a fair price off a 2017 RWD sedan with 7500 miles. He is telling me the deal of a lifetime is 20 percent off MSP. He won’t yet tell me the MF so I am ready to run-however- I am dealing with a impatient wealthy mother-in-law. So I know I will have to settle on a good deal and not the best- lol. The dealer started at me with MSP of 47665 with sale price of 38165 with taxes and 7500 down (yea she doesn’t know about msd’s- but I will get that done) he was a 275 a month for 36m and 7500miles. Yes - its stupid- but again- to start do we think 20 percent off is reasonable on a car with 7500 miles?

20% is reasonable, not terrific, most definitely not deal of a lifetime.

What do you mean by $38165 with taxes, by the way? You don’t pay tax on the sales price on a lease.

In either case $275 with $7500 down is a no good, horrible, run don’t walk away from the deal. That’s an effective $483/mo lease for a demo.

sorry I meant the payment was 275 with tax. She pays like 7.95 percent tacked on her monthly payments. Yeah-Im out in Southern CA- I have a feeling I can do much better out here and drive the car to her…

exactly what I thought. Thanks! He was offended I called- lol and still hasn’t given me the mf…

I always find it hilarious when sellers are offended by potential buyers. Not just car salesmen, just generally speaking. I make an offer, you can accept or decline. But to be offended? That’s just idiotic.

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Why do you need him to tell you MF? You tell him what it should be for you to make a deal.

Good point. When I called him - I didn’t have it yet. But of course now I do…