2017 Mercedes Benz C 300 loaner $293

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Mercedez Benz C 300]
loaner car, 7k+ miles

MSRP: [$51,205]
Selling Price: [$40,874]
Fleet: [$2500 Corporate]
Final Price: [$38,374] - 25% off MSRP

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [0.00104]
Residual: [58.2]

Security Deposit: [$3,500] 10 x MSD
Total Due At Signing: [$5,100] 10 x MSD, tax, registration, doc fee
Monthly Payment: [$293], w/ Prepaid Maintenance [$305]

NJ Sales Tax Rate: [6.875%]

Leasehackr Score: [13.9]

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Thanks @nyclife for consulting.

Enjoy! (202020202020)

Good deal. Would the monthly with 24 month terms been cheaper?

That’s about a $385 no money down lease. $12 for pre-maintenance is pretty good on a $625 package. Would have most likely ended up with a MB if I could have found one with a P3 package in the right color. It worked out as I got a BMW for a much better price. Great deal! Better than the one I got on a $50630 P2 package.

I really wish I could snag something like this on the west coast.

Great deal man enjoy
which premium package is it?

Must be P3…

Would love one of these in Florida - any suggestions on how to get in down here? cheers

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It’s P3.
It’s P3.
It’s P3.

Now I have 20 characters.

It always warms my heart seeing a hackd P3 C300

Let me know if anyone can replicate a similar deal in LA/socal area.

I echo lejjvi, Let me know if anyone can replicate a similar deal in NorCal

Not too difficult on the West Coast - search the forum!

Harder now. Dealers are tapped out and not super motivated.

Just need to have the right contacts and be patient ! I just did another one yesterday for someone :slight_smile:

I found one :slight_smile: 20char

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Congratulations - see, it can be done with the right contacts and perseverance.

@didar88 can you pls PM me dealer info? Thanks!

Details? 20202002020