2017 MDX SH-AWD with Entertainment Package + Roof Rails

I negotiated on MDX 09/27/2017.

MDX SH AWD with Entertainment System (with lock bolts) - MSRP =- 53450
Selling Price = $45000
RV = $ 29397.50

Add: Roof Rails + Theft Code = $1050 + 299 =$1349

Money Factor = 0.0005
No Cap cost reduction … Drive off = First Month Payment + Reg

Lease 36K/3 YR = $522 + Tax = $563.00 Total.

Is it reasonable?

Reasonable? Yes. Better if the 522 included tax. People on here would probably be looking for a better deal but I think that it is a decent deal for a 54000 dollar MDX with 12000 a year. I would tell them to throw the roof rails+ theft code(whatever that is) in for free and see where it goes. That would get the payment down to 485 before tax.
Good luck!

Thank you Steevo. Since it is 2017, they want to use 55% Residual. I try to use more, but they do not want to adjust residual. Will try.

Residual is non-negotiable. Set by bank.

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