2017 MB GLS450 lease question

I am thinking about leasing a 2017 GLS 450.
According to info from this forum, the best MF and residual for this month is 0.00089 and 58%.
But I also realized that for GLE lease, customer can put multiple security deposit so that the MF can go even lower.
I am wondering if this is true for GLS too?

Thank you.

Are you sure that the rate is .0089 and not .00089 .0089=21.3℅ and .00089 = 2.13℅. Big difference Plus 58℅ doesn’t sound very good since .Thinking 60/61℅ or more based on what I read on the forum for other MB’s would be more in line.
Going to use MSD on my next lease (2017) since it will reduce the rate and it will lower the payments

You are right. I changed it back to 0.00089.

But is it possible to get 60% or 61% for gls?
Local dealers seems not wiling to give me anything higher.

I am sure MSDs work on all models. Focus on whether you can get a 15% discount on the GLS, then you will get a good deal. The MSD will be added bonus ($50 or thereabouts) on top.

Anyone ever got 15% discount on GLS? I looked at many forums but 10% is the best I am aware of.

If you ever see a 15% discount post for GLS, please let me know. I will show it to my local dealer see if they can match.

Where are you based?

I am in bay area.

GLS sells fast here.

I bet, my best advice is to call the fleet managers at the dealers and ask them. They are often not paid on profit but numbers shifted. I found they wanted to just shift units and did not care about the numbers. Also, the dealer is ot allowed to change the residual, it is what it is, they never have any problem in telling you. It is the MF that they will mark up. Also, MSDs and Autopay work the same on all Mercedes, no matter what the car.

The GLE maxed out at 13% discount because there was about $2000 in rebate, I am not sure the GLS has the same so you might find 10% is the best you can get but I don’t know for sure.

I can guarantee a 6% no incentive required but where the heck did you get a 10%

What-serious? Narrow streets and tight parking… not to mention this -

ok so did you get the dealer to match the 10% discount? What do the numbers look like?

The 10k/36 average monthly cost for an $80000 gls excluding tax and title fee is $900.

That’s about right. The margins on larger vehicles are super low because they are mostly (more like only) sold to North America and are built (over 60%) here in the U.S. and not in Germany. A 10% and anything over discount sounds ludicrous to me.

According to calculator, with max MSD, autodebit, 75k selling price, the monthly is 797 without taxes. 5k off MSRP, 6% off is doable. On the negative side, those MSDS amount to 9k :slight_smile:

GLS450 also sold to dictators, corrupt politicians, oligarchs and drug lords worldwide :slight_smile: USA is one of the few countries where you do not have to be in that list to afford one.

I’ve confirmed the 6% , anything over- I have not seen or heard.

And yes- I agree with your political theory- however, it is the individuals who ship/resale them over and not the plant/corporate themselves.

What’s the money factor we can get for gls after putting max MSD? Thank you.

Latest updates, my local dealer is willing to give me 0.00054 MF with 10 MSD after I disclosing his markup.

Meanwhile, 0.58 residual value seems to be fixed.

I think you have it the wrong way round. Production costs (esp labor) are much higher in Germany than in N. America.

Discounts are all about supply & demand

How about sales price? Any discount from that MSRP? That’s the only number missing from the equation.