2017 Mazda3 Sport lease offer

Hi all - I’m writing to figure out what I can do to improve this attached deal (which I’m pretty sure is already a good one). I’m in the Los Angeles area.

I have a Volkswagen to trade in which KBB suggests is worth about $1200. At what point in the process should I mention it - up front? I know some advise to wait to mention that I’ll be leasing instead of purchasing, should I wait with the trade in as well? I was thinking about saying I didn’t want to pay the $1999 due at signing and putting my VW towards that, and that being the extent of my negotiating. Recommendations?

Don’t mention your trade in until after you have come to a deal on your new lease. It will keep them from playing as many games. Definitely negotiate the price of the vehicle and get it as low as you can before any rebates. Get the money factor and residuals so you can plug in the numbers in the calculator here, and also find out if the money factor is being marked up or not. Almost everyone here recommends against putting anything down on a lease to reduce the cap cost.

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@mbh, There is also $1250 lease cash available. That should be applied AFTER you negotiate the selling price of the vehicle.

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$1,999 is not all that’s due at signing. Read the fine print. Excludes taxes, title and fees. Not to mention anyone bringing in and negotiating on the basis of an ad is probably going to get bombarded with aftermarket products, bringing your payment up higher.