2017 Mazda CX-9 Signature Target Numbers

I went to look at a 2017 CX9 Signature and mount it to be a very nice car. I didn’t have much time, so I just asked for what a standard lease would look like. I didn’t even sit down to negotiate. This is what I got:

MSRP: $45,555
Discount: -$1,500
Adjusted Price: $44,055

Nitro Fill: $99
Express Code: $189

Total Purchase: $44,343

Doc Fee: $80
Tax: $7.40
Non-tax Fees: $1,022.75

Net Price: $45,453.15

Cash Down: $0
36 Months / $725

Cash Down: $1,500
36 Months / $676

Cash Down: $3,000
36 Months: $631

All three options with 12,000 miles per year.

Either one of these options sounds incredibly expensive for a Mazda, regardless of how well equipped it is.

Based on common knowledge from the form, what number should I be aiming for? Ideally, I’d like to keep this lease in the $400s with little to no down. Would something like this even be possible?

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Do you know the RV/MF? What selling price would be necessary to reach your number of $400/month? Just because you want $400/month doesn’t mean it’s achievable.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that information. Is this the only way of calculating it?

I do agree that just because I want X price it doesn’t mean it is achievable. I’m just wondering if it is at all or if it is completely unrealistic on my end.

Yes, you need that info to calculate. Just a guess, but I doubt you can get a Signature in the $400s. The other trims are doable.

Buy this car. Don’t lease. If you want to lease a 7 seater - try Highlander or Acadia.

It is the third or fourth time I read someone says “buy the car, don’t lease it” so there must be some truth to it.

Can I ask why you recommend buying it? I haven’t read that part on any of the posts I’ve read. Thanks!

Because the lease deals are not good. Probably has low RV and high MF.

Honcker in LA has this car with $45,455 MSRP for $550/mo tax included with $1,582 due at signing. Looks like you have plenty of room to negotiate.

Youll never get it for $400.

Thats what I wanted it for.
I tried a few Mazda dealerships at many times throughout the year, no luck.

Its a really nice car, especially the signature trim, but their lease rates are just terrible and they offer no incentives.

I’m seeing $556 + $1,588 due at signing within Honcker, based in Los Angeles.

Alan, thanks for your reply. What was the best you got when you were shopping around?

I forget exactly now, but it was in the upper 5’s.

so your Honcker deal seems to be fine.
Its not a good deal for that MSRP, but its not a bad deal for a CX-9.

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anyone strike a deal on a CX-9 Signature during Nov/Dec so far? I have family member who is interested

seen a lot of touring deals msrp $38xxx going for $0 down $350+/- per month, but really looking for a Signature (maybe grand touring if the signature numbers are too high)