2017 Mazda CX-5 GT with Premium in Los Angeles

I am having a hard time getting a Hackr-worthy deal on this vehicle here in Los Angeles. The best I have so far is Invoice minus $750 less rebates/incentives of $2620. That equates to a dealer discount of just over $2k on a vehicle that stickers at $34k. I was hoping for at least the 9-10% discounting I have seen other people get here in the Forums. Especially on a car that is now last year’s model. Frustrating to think that I can get a pretty loaded BMW X1 for less on a 24 month lease but my daughter really loves the Mazda. Any pointers or referrals to get me to my price would be greatly appreciated.

The oldest “trick” in the car purchase in general is NOT to fall in love with the car. I of course don’t know your situation, but if your daughter is so much in love with it, maybe she should be paying for it?
I just came back today from car driving/shopping and some places gave me ridiculous numbers, different car and area but similar “non-discounts”. I am not going to go back to the dealer unless they “fix” the numbers. I discuss numbers only over email btw, so that helps keeping it unemotional i guess.

Mazda especially CX-5 leases can be tricky. 6 months after helping a family member to lease a CX-5 GT for $300 with nothing down, no dealer would negotiate a price that would put a friend of mine at even $350 with the same terms on the same car. If there are no front end manufacturer incentives, dealers rarely offer prices below invoice and the popularity of CX-5 doesn’t help. Some recent end of the year deals might show 10% discount but that would be very difficult to replicate this early in 2018.

My suggestion is to change your target car or start looking at other markets (NorCal, Arizona, Nevada etc.)

GT’s don’t lease well, GS’s lease much much better. Work out if you really need the extra tech.

I am having similar problems with the 2017 CX-5 Touring…(Missouri)

27,690 MSRP
26,859 Sale Price
1,250 Rebate
299 coating (optional)

1500 down with 363.43/mo for a 10k/36 mo lease including tax and drive off fees.

Not sure if I should just try for the 2018 sport with similar features and go for the national promo.


I closed on a deal today. $349 per month (including tax) with $1k total drive-off on a 36/10 lease. Car was a fully loaded 2017 Gray FWD GT with Premium Package and lots of extras - rear parking sensors, roof racks, bumper guards, etc. Sticker was $33,770 and rebates totaled $2620. Not quite a 1% deal but as close as I could find with all the options and color I wanted. The CX-5 is a really great vehicle with some awesome technology. The head’s up display is even better than the one in my 550GT BMW. One major gripe about the car is that parking sensors don’t come standard on the GT (or even the Premium Package) here in the US. Apparently, other countries get front and rear sensors standard on certain trim levels. The car is for my 18 year old daughter and I felt that the parking sensors were an important safety feature for her. If you are in SoCal, I highly recommend Kyle Groom, the Internet Sales Manager at Star Mazda in Glendale. Super nice guy, quick responses, total transparency, and seamless delivery of the vehicle.


I think you mean it was an important safety feature for your wallet at lease return time.