2017 Mazda CX-5 Grand Select

Thanks for the info so far. Better residuals on this trim leve makes it more attractive than the base or touring. Working with a dealer, I am at the following:
located in GA

Base: $29,835
Discount: -$1,585 (just over 5%, meh)
Lease Loyalty: -$750
Lease cash: -$1,470
Total Cost = $26,030

Documentation Fee = $499 (no idea what is in here)
Tax (7%) = $1,900
Non Tax Fees = $703 (no idea what is in here)

if Zero Down
33 month / 60% residual / .00001 MF
~$354 per month

36 month / 56% residual / .00009 MF
~$362 per month

Seems like I can scrape a bit more off of the current ~5% discount and hopefully a bit off of the dealer fees.


Just search, I have posted on many threads what you should expect. But each market is different.