2017 Mazda 6 Touring Quote

Hi all,

I’ve got a couple quotes on hand to lease a fully loaded (Touring Bose/Moonroof/Sat Radio + Touring Premium Package, cargo net, bumper guard, wheel locks) Mazda 6 Touring, but my current best offer isn’t squaring with my math and I could use some help.

39 mos, 15k per
MSRP: $29,060
Sales Price: $26,475 (9% off)
Total Rebates (lease cash): $1,645
MF: .00001
Residual: .50
Delaware Tax/Tags
Drive off: First month ($329)
Base Monthly: $323.44
Tax/month: $6.44
Total Monthly: $329.88

So he’s got the rebates listed as the total cap reduction and when I input everything into the calculator I’m getting a monthly of $280. Am I messing something up? Still new at this and don’t want to handicap myself unnecessarily.

Thanks in advance

Adding in the Mazda acquisition fee of $595 but w/o knowing your dmv or any doc fees - your comps look reasonable. Perhaps you should send them your computation and ask them to help you understand the differences.

Assuming I pay DMV/Doc fees up front shouldn’t the payment come out something like this:

I think that is correct. The difference is fairly large - I wonder if they are including the rebate in their discount. Do they also charge a doc fee?

Better cars for that money out there. Search forum for infiniti q50.

I’ve done some searching for the Q50 and love the car, the residual is making it tough to get a nice deal but it’s still on the table for sure.

Search forum. Someone got it for 289 a month in a NY dealer and also in a PA dealer. Both close to you.

The best I’ve got on an Infiniti Q3.0T Premium Plus is:

MSRP: $45885
Sale: $37000 (19.4% off)
Residual: 53% ($24,319.05)
Fees inc. tax: $2059 (Paid up front)
Acquisition: $700
Cap Cost: $38076.31 (inc. 1st mo)
Monthly: ~$346

Dealer tells me he’s already at the best price he’s seen and I want him to go to $36k, don’t think that’ll happen though.

Try another dealer. If you clise to NY or PA send a message to the people that posted the deals for contact info. Tell him just first month drive off fee. That would make the deal a very good deal. Not as good as the ones in the forum but pretty good price nevertheless.