2017 Maserati Ghibli SQ4 Lease

Just got this offer from a NY area Maserati dealer:

Maserati Ghibli SQ4
MSRP: $80950
Cap cost: $61500
Residual/MF: 36mo(46%, 0.00001) 39mo(45%, 0.00016)
Fees: $399 dealer fee, $795 acq

What do you guys think?

This is not an offer without adjusted cap cost. Is there down payment? What is monthly payment?

Judging from the almost $20k off MSRP, you are already off to a good start. The MF is also pretty good. It looks like you can get through the monthly (including tax) < 1% MSRP rule of thumb

More info would be good

  • 46% residual for how many miles?
  • Monthly (with and without tax)
  • Is the $61,500 due to a massive down payment or is that just the discount?

10k miles
$61500 is purely from discount. No cap cost reduction.

I’m not sure of payment. The calculator I use is down.

Do you think I should haggle more?

This is the place where I got mine and it was a very aggressive deal. Currently, they only have these http://www.maseratiofanaheimhills.com/488.htm (in CA), still pretty good and can maybe serve as a comparison for what you are getting

Generally, the consensus on this board is that if you can get your monthly (including tax) to be < 1% MSRP (in your case, $809/mo was your target with $0 down), you are getting a good deal. So at $700/mo you are still doing good (on 36 months)

A lot of people have been getting better than this “rule of thumb” with MSDs (which only affect the MF) and other things like Costco cash, etc. For Maserati’s, there is really not a lot of known incentives (i.e., less lease examples to evaluate) so you may be where you are at.

Any chance you can provide your dealer contact in NY?? Thanks.

$675/$658 and $770/$750 (w/8.75% tax and fees) for 36/39

Can anyone share a dealer willing to offer this deal in the NJ/ NY area???

Could you guys please tell me if this lease deal is good? or so so?

Brand New 2017 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 AWD
(US Standard Base SQ4 AWD version, no package loaded)

  • 3 Year Maintenance Plan provided by Maserati Authorized Dealership

MSRP USD $82,950
Selling Price $68,450
Down Payment (=Capitalized Reduction): $4,995
Residual Value: $38,986 (47% from MSRP)
Money Factor 0.00016
Acquisition Fee (=Bank Fee Upfront): $795
Mileage Allowance: 5,000 miles per year
Lease Term: 39 months
Monthly Payment: $599

Amount Due at Start

Monthly Payment: $599.02
Registration Fee: $275
Bank Fee Upfront: $795
Documentation Fee: $75
Inspection Fee: $10
Tire Fee: $12.50
Cap.Reduction Tax: $443.31
Sales Tax: $2,143.91

Total Inception Fees: $4,353.74

  • Cash Cap Red (Down Payment): $4,995.00

Total Drive Off: $9,348.74

I would try not to put money down. Seems like you could getter a better discount based on the deal on the first post. Work there first.

The discount is insanely bad. Ghibli are at 30% discount they are giving you only 14k or 17%. The 3 year maintenance plan is worth 4k or so, so for a base 68 450 sales price is too high. Try to get it to 60k.

5000 miles / year ?

i do that in 2 months lol

Your extra 3 months (39 mo vs 36 months) is costing you an extra maintenance. Mine is 36 months (10k/yr) and the finance guy told me (Jeff @ Maserati of Anaheim Hills) that I only need the 10k and 20k maintenance (they go by miles, not by time) so getting a 2-year (24 mo) plan is all I needed which was $995 “up front”. Otherwise, it will be $700 @ 10k + $1,300 @ 20k ($2k total) and then I return the car before 30k so no need to pay for that :slight_smile:

Somebody mentioned it was worth $4k but if you are going to drive it for only 15k miles in 39 months, even my 2-year plan is overkill as the 10k mile service is only $700! You are returning the car before 20k miles to no need to pay for that…

Here is my lease information (with pictures of the actual paperwork)

Hello everyone. New to the forum. Been trying to get a good deal on a SQ4 in new york. This is the best deal I have been able to get https://www.screencast.com/t/1exF2xJD9U