2017 Maserati Ghibli, Porshce Macan

Hello, I was wondering if I could get good deals on Maserati ghibli and porsche macan

39 month, 10,000 miles
Maserati Ghibli
Total due at signing: $595
Monthly Payment: $674 (pretax)

this was what I got from a dealer for Ghibli

And haven’t received any quote on Macan yet.

I’m looking forward to get 10k or 12k miles a year with base options

and I would prefer it to only have drive-offs or 0 due at signing .( 0 down payment obviously)

And Also I heard that if you lease a maserati then you have to get maintainenced every 1 year for 1k? is this mandatory or also optional?

Thank you people!

Maseratis are actually leasing better than Porsches right now. Look up the 488 Ghibli deal.

I still have a screen shot of 0down 488 10k miles a year ghibli on my phone but they dont do that anymore right now its with 2-3k down with 5k miles … haha…

Maserati maintenance is 10k miles and 20k miles. If you do a 36m/10k, that is all you need if you are returning the car right before 30k. They will sell you a $995 package for the 10k and 20k maintenance when you are the finance office. They are theoretically $700 and $1,300 respectively. There are independent mechanics that can also do these for less but I am not sure if they can beat the $995 combo package paid up front during lease inception.

They will also sell you a “protection” package for around $2k which covers windshield, wheels and other glass parts. I didn’t do this as I tend to take care of my car but to a few “clumsy” people it may be worth it.

The Ghibli’s are not leasing bad and the only way to make the lease work is to get a ton of discount up front. So for a $73k MSRP (base model), you need about $16-18k of discount to get the payments to around mid/high $500/mo (including tax) with $0 down and $2,500 drive-offs. The base models are hard to move so the dealer will want to discount them (no power trunk, exposed cup holders, no parking sensors, no driver safety side mirrors) better than the ones that move faster.

Just don’t do the Levante (SUV). If you search this forum, somebody leased one of these for over $1,000/mo with almost the same MSRP as the Ghibli.

Porsche’s don’t lease well. The Macan is on of their fastest moving vehicles right now so you will probably not find most discounts on those but you never know.

Also, try to fix the spelling on your title so people can search for it better later