2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid NY


I am looking at a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Premiere w/ the Tri-Coat paint
Might be buying in NJ but registering in NY

MSRP $36790
Zero down
I have been told there is $4750 worth of rebates from one dealer for 2017 Hybrid models

The invoice is $35,032
Residuals is 50%
MF 3.06% 0.001275
8.875 NY Tax
Invoice $35032

I am offering $35032-$4750(incentives)= $30282

I should mention I am trading in my other lease (Acura) and they will be paying it off. I don’t have equity. Also Lincoln has $900+ worth of hold backs for each MKZ

Is my offer good or reasonable?

How much do you owe on your existing lease they are paying off? Taking that to the side, you are offering them a full MSRP offer.

My Acura has a buyout of $20,330

Full MSRP? I am offering invoice price minus the 4750 worth of incentives

Reading comprehension problem on my part.

but thank you for bringing this up

I looked up True Car and people are offer around $33k before incentives

so I will re-propose my offer to them tomorrow