2017 Lexus RX350

Hey guys sorry for the super limited information, but I’m getting these numbers from my mom, who is currently at lexus in southern california, trying to lease a vehicle for herself. How do these numbers sound?

MSRP $44,755
Due at signing: $4162, which includes 7 MSD at $2800
Monthly: $385

This is literally all she has given me, any help would be appreciated.

you can do better. take a look at this thread 2017 lexus rx350 $311 12k/36m

Yeah I was trying to get her to replicate it, but they don’t seem to be budging. Called around socal giving numbers close to that and nobody would do it

Check you pm. Sent you of info on who to contact.

That’s not a bad deal. Other deal has $1700 down.
Ends up being about $15 cheaper than your moms deal. If they can drop another $10 a month, I think you mom needs to post the salesman’s name for a good deal.

Didnt see the down payment. Not a good deal

Your mom should have nego number before going to the Dealer and have done homework too.
Lot of the dealers thought I was bluffing and only wanted proof. I declined to show them proof unless they were going to guarantee and beat it by $500. All weren’t confident and pretty much told me Good Luck finding that deal.
You need to contact Chris. Let me know if he is not going to replicate the deal…but remember you need the PGA certificate or if you have loyalty you can that.

which Dealer was she at? Just curious…

Longo in El Monte. Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it. Oh and I actually wanted to ask you where your dealership was located

I will PM you. 20 char

Longo is flooded with cash buyers, it’s very hard to negotiated with them. Try crown Lexus in Ontario.

Update for anybody that cares, tried another place. This is the best they would go. They didn’t have any more base models in stock. Still searching!
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Lexus RX350]

MSRP: [$52,619]
Selling Price: [$46,000]
Rebates: [$2500]

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [.00055]
Residual: [54%]

Monthly: $434.88

For some reason they wouldn’t take MSDs.

Any input is appreciated!

The deal in the original post already looks pretty good to me.

Basically $1,362 in drive-offs (first month, acquisition fee, DMV, etc.) and $385/month including tax thereafter.

There will always be someone who’ll get a better deal due to some special circumstance (timing, inventory, etc). But I’d be perfectly happy with this.

Hah yeah I figured as much. But it still keeps me up at night :pensive:

I second what iKevyn says about Longo.

There is still ample inventory of base models. The higher the MSRP, I would nego for bigger discount… Just my 2 cents.