2017 Lexus RX 350 - Can't get the calculator to match

Hey all,

New to leasing. Been a used car person all my life. Moved to a new state, and situation may call for a lease while I’m here. I’ve been trying to absorb all the knowledge on this forum, but it’s been a bit of an overload the last couple nights.

Here are the stats from the Lexus site as I was looking at inventory and found the lowest monthly 2017 Base FWD @ 36/10.

  • I don’t like the down-payment.
  • I don’t understand the “due at signing” vs “cost out of pocket.”
  • I’m looking for help understanding how to fit this into the calculator, because when I try, the values come out way lower than the monthly payment the dealer site generates.

Any advice and direction is greatly appreciated!

MSRP: $45,523.00
Special Offers [4]: -$3,500.00
Lease Rebate offerId: 46784
Lease cash down [5]: $4,552.30
Trade-in value [6]: $3,000.00
Cap Cost Reduction: $10,721.69
Security Deposit [9]: $0.00
First Month Payment: $330.61
Total Due at Lease Signing: $11,052.30
Total Cash Out of Pocket: $4,552.30
Taxes and Fees [7]: $795.00
Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $35,596.31
Credit Score [8]: Excellent
Term: 36 months
Miles per Year [10]: 10000
Selected Monthly Payment: $330.61

It doesn’t seem like this is a real quote from the dealer. This seems like one of those weird online calculators. Email the dealer and ask for a real quote. Do not use trade in equity considering that it is essentially another form of downpayment. Additionally, take the time to read up on posts here and do not rush into anything.

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Thanks. Yes, it was from their online “lease options” part of the local dealer’s site.

I was planning on taking the cash on the trade-in and banking. Maybe selling private party down the road. I definitely don’t want to pay anything down, be it trade-in or cash oop.