2017 Lexus NX200t F-sport..How does this lease look?

I got an offer on a 2017 Lexus NX200t F-sport for about $400/mo (includes 9.25% sales tax) with these numbers provided by dealer in Southern California:

MSRP: $44183
Sell: $39240 (11% discount)
Drive off: $1900 (includes Acq fee, DMV, first payment, taxes, etc…nothing rolled into the payment)

I put in the numbers in the lease calculator and I’m getting just about the same numbers so there doesn’t seem to be any hidden fees that I can see. I used MF of 0.00080 and 59% RV (36/10K) and $2000 Lease cash.

What do you guys think? Can I do better on the sell price? Someone posted an offer back in March where they got a selling price of $38,700 for this same MSRP. I’m hoping that I can least get to that price.

I will be doing the 9 MSDs, but still want to see if there is room on the selling price.

What part of the country?

Southern California.[quote=“Benedetto, post:2, topic:16970, full:true”]
What part of the country?

Looks like a similar deal to your last thread. How many threads do you need to make for the same vehicle?

Try @SteveHackr, he’s in Norcal though

Did you inquire with him about this car as well? Any pricing you got from him?

you have a $1000 coupon yet?

Yes I’ve got one of those. So right now the price is 11% off MSRP and the lease numbers match what I get on the lease calculator. But I want to try to get a lower selling price around 12% off MSRP or even try for 13% off (don’t know if it is attainable). What’s the best way to now work on the selling price with them?

use $1000 PGA cert and MSD’s which will get you close to 330-335 per month…
you can always negotiate for the price, if you are in no hurry

Yes if I do 9 MSDs and the 1K PGA cert than I’m doing to $316/mo with tax. I’m trying to get this down to close to $300/mo with tax. That is why I want to get that selling price of 12%-13% off MSRP. 12% off should get me right around $303/mo point. Which if they don’t budge from that I will be OK with it.

If you were local to me, I’d see what I could do.
I’d say since these NX F-sports are hot and its the managers job to make some profit when possible, its going to be hard to find a store that will go an appreciable (if any) lower on the deal.

So would you say though that 12% off MSRP is doable though since it has been offered to others here?

Sounds good…
Also, may be use that conquest rebate if you qualify

Conquest rebate is when you are coming from another luxury brand. I currently have a Lexus lease so would not qualify.

Ah ok.
RX has loyalty and NX has conquest… You would qualify for additional 750 if you were taking RX

Cmon now, there’s no need for this.