2017 Lexus Nx200t F sport deal

I receive this number for a 2017 Nx200t F sport
What do you guys think? Can I do better?
Los Angles, tax 8.75%
Quote from Lexus Santa Monica

Selling price-38,700
1,500 lease rebate
Residual-61%, 12k Miles
With zero down and zero drive offs it comes down to
427 a month

Thank you

Considering $0 drive-off this is not a bad deal. You can do a little better if you put max 9 MSDs ($500 x 9 = $4500) and your interest rate goes from 2.4% (MF .001) to 0.67% (MF .00028), approx $50 less per month

Did you move on this deal that Santa Monica Lexus offered you or did you do better elsewhere? Was this quote their first initial offer to you or did you had to haggle to get that selling price?

Is it possible to get this deal now from this or other dealers? Selling price is pretty good.