2017 Lexus NX200 – $340/Month w/ $1k drive off [Bay Area CA, can ship]

For all of you shopping for our awesome little NX crossover, I’ve been able to get a promo lease going. We do have some AWD NX units in stock that I can give promo lease deals on. Not many 17s left so move quickly if you’re serious.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Lexus NX350 AWD]

  • MSRP: [$38,928]

  • Selling Price: [$ cannot be posted publicly as I work for Lexus, see monthly payment below / PM me for specifics if interested]

  • Rebates: [$2000 Lease Cash]

  • Down Payment: [$1000]

  • Months: [36]

  • Annual Mileage: [10,000]

  • MF: [0.00055]

  • Residual: [57%]

  • Security Deposit: [$0]

  • Total Due At Signing/ Drive Off: [$1000]

  • Monthly Payment (w/o. tax): $340.11 (35 payments)

Located in Northern California: [Lexus of Serramonte] (can ship)

{Ask about “college grad” if you are a recent grad, or Military if you are an active service person. These rebates are available separately}


If I want to be less per month, how do I get to around $299 per month for example?
You may put down a greater drive off payment

Are MSDs available?
MSD can not be combined with this offer.

Are other rebates stackable?
Some are… new graduate and PGA (if valid) are compatible.

Is it possible to lease with you out of the state of California?
We are updating this post to say that currently these deals are available for vehicles that will be registered in the state of California only at this time.

Can I get a higher level of equipment, Sport, Premium, etc?
Yes. Lexus has lease cash on all equipment levels right now from basic to loaded. This will increase the price of your monthly significantly of course.

Monthly Payment w/ tax?
Your monthly tax charge is based on the tax rate/zip code your vehicle will be registered, not the dealers. You only pay tax on the cost of the lease, not the sales price.

- What now? I’m ready to move forward
Just contact me here by direct message (click on my user name) or call our dealership at (888) 586-7977 [Must ask for Steve in sales]. :slightly_smiling_face:

How much with max MSDs? Could you also post the 24m/10k numbers?

Hi AZ- you have a message. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, same question, how much with MSDs maxxed?

Please PM on this. I would like more info.

can you please pm me. I am interested.


Thanks for the PMs and emails guys.

Replied to most of you- still getting answers for some folks. Updated the post to say that we are doing in-state deals only at this time.

I don’t think driving a $38k NX with this payment worth it. Comes with no feature! At least $42k would be the fun drive

Is this deal still current?

@SteveHackr Do you have contact info?