2017 Lexus IS 200T F-Sport - $342/month

Follow up to my post yesterday about a 2016, looks like the 2016 is better to buy outright new at this point and the 2017 is a much better lease. Please weigh in:

2017 Lexus IS 200t F Sport navigation
MSRP = $44,700
Sales Price = $38,557
Incentives = $1500 Lease Rebate, $500 Conquest Rebate (must own a non Lexus at the same household to qualify for Conquest Rebate, I am including this so let me know if you don’t own or lease a non Lexus at the same address)
MF: After maximum of 6 MSDs = .00002 (6 MSDs is the max since the MF can’t be negative)
Payment $342+ tax x 36 months, $372 x 36 months including tax
Since there is $2000 of rebates from Lexus, the 1st payment is paid by Lexus. You truly will pay only 35 payments out of pocket.
10k miles per year
Cost of max 6 MSDs = $2250 refunded at completion of lease
Minimum drive off = $0
Total due = $2250 minimum drive off + 9 MSDs

This was an internet quote so I will be asking why if there is a max of 6 MSD he is asking for 9, maybe a mistake?

I’m pretty sure that he is quoting you with 6 MSD and not 9. $2250/6 = $375 versus $2250/9 = $250. Just a typo. Seems like a decent deal to me

Ah nice, you’re right.

Guess I need to try to talk him down on price a little more to get a solid deal.