2017 Lexus CT200h Lease Quote

Hey guys, can I get some feedback on the quote below for a 2017 Lexus CT200h - any suggestions or additional wiggle room? Thanks!

MSRP: 32,544.00
Discount Savings -4,044.60
Selling Price 28,499.40

Document Prep Fee 80.00
License / Title 314.00
Tire/Battery/VTR Fee 8.75
Acquisition Fee 700.00
Tax on Collected Items 238.09

Total Cap 29,840.24

Down/Cash Cap Reduction -721.00
Rebate Savings -2,000.00

Net Cap 27,119.24

Base Payment 256.55
Monthly Tax 22.45

36 Month Payment 279.00

Down/Cash Cap Reduction 721.00

1st Payment 279.00

Due On Delivery 1,000.00

Rate 0.00001
Annual Miles 10,000
Residual % [32,544] 52+3=55%
Residual Amount 17,899.20

without having looked too deeply into this, a few things stand out:

you shouldn’t pay anything down ($721)

the dealer is effectively lowering the price of the car $2044.60 ($2000 is factory rebate). That’s not enough discount in my opinion. It is not a very desirable car at the moment and should yield a better discount.

Have you tried running a 24 or 27 month lease ? They could potentially have a better payment. Also, unless something changed you can extend your lease by 6 mo, so if the 27 mo payment is better that’s really a 33 mo lease.

I would suggest putting multiple security deposits down which are refundable and will lower your monthly payment.

The money factor is too low to put down MSDs. It’s nearly 0% as it is


Does anyone know what information you need to show/provide for the $1000 College Grad discount? Wondering if I can add that in…

The fine print is usually on the official website.

As far as I know, the 2000 rebate is in addition to the 4044.60 MSRP deduction.

Any news on the deal and where at