2017 Kia Sportage EX

Just received an offer from a Kia dealership in MA. New to Lease Hacker and the plethora of information about leasing. Tried to post the offer sheet but it won’t upload so I typed the entire thing out. Where do I have room to negotiate/what Payment should I be targeting? Tried edmunds and here but hard to find the info for MF and what people are paying. Sorry in advance for my novice understanding. Also I currently lease a Kia and not sure if this shows loyalty or not.

Lease 24/12k

Cap Cost: 30908
Rebate: 1500
Customer Cash: 1999
Min. Drive off: 882.49
Total Cap Reduction: 2616.51

Amount Due at Signing
Cap Reduction: 2616.51
License Fees: 135
Title Prep Fee: 5
Doc Fee: 349
Cap Reduction Tax: 69.78
First Payment: 323.71

Net Cap Cost: 28291.49
Net Residual: 22253
RV: 68%
Total Depreciation: 6038.49

Monthly Rent: 53.07
Monthly Depreciation: 251.60
Monthly Sales Tax: 19.04
Monthly Payment: 323.71

Update: MF 24/12k: .00105
36/12k: .00104

What is the MSRP? Also, are you sure the terms are for 24 months? Looks like 36 from the worksheet

He gave me both a 24 month and 36 month offer but we can focus on the sheet I attached which is 36. I just asked about the MSRP.

Seems like MSRP is $32725. With sales price of $30313, discount is only 7%, which seems low for a KIA.

Does the MF seem right?