2017 Kia Soul EV plus lease

Has anybody recently leased a Kia Soul EV plus? I am in Bay Area and looking to lease one.


Consider the Bolt instead. Best bang for buck at 240 a month …

How much Downpayment for Bolt? I currently lease Spark EV and have 5 months left in it. Will loyalty get me some incentives?

The bolt is 240 and zero down. Ymmv depending on configuration etc

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Wow… that’s awesome. Thanks a lot.
Any dealer recommendations in Bay Area??

Contact @ChevyPhil for NorCal Chevy deals

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You can also get a BMW i3 Rex for $229 including tax, zero down. Leased on last month. Have owned a Volt, prefer the i3. Chevyphil out of IVC certificates, but Socal @chevysalesgirl has IVC Bolt certificates.


Where is this i3 REX for 229?

Nocal. MSRP $50,995, Monthly $229.80 (includes 8.75 sales tax) 24 month / 10K miles. You will need to have competitive lease, Fed & State tax discounts. Also had USAA pricing discount.

Got it. No such rebates here in Hazzard County…

correct. Out for now, but most LH members like to plan ahead and i’ll have more the last few days of the month. So if anyone wants to agree to numbers ahead of time and pick up on the 29th-31st I’d be happy to help.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet.
San Jose C.A.

I’m considering one in So Cal. Anyone know if Kia will be extending their current lease deal beyond February 28th?

If someone does know they won’t tell you or me or anyone else on the forumz.