2017 Kia Sorrento lease numbers

Can I please get residual and mf for a 2017 Kia Sorrento EX V6
15K /36 month lease

zip 92126 San Diego


i hate asking for those residual number. is there a way to find that out on our own?

The Kia lease calculator on the website is great. Just put in discounts off the MSRP in under the down payment field to estimate your payment. You can get the incentives there, too

2017 Sorento EX V6 FWD
36/15K: 61% residual, .00130 MF, $1,200 lease cash

Targeted: $400 Grad, $400 Military

what bout 36/12 for Bay Area? thanks

Bumping this up instead of starting a new thread (even though Sorento only has 1 “R” so I almost missed this topic – but your “this might be similar” sidebar found it even though I didn’t while searching).

My Jeep Grand Cherokee quest didn’t work out, so now I am focusing on the Sorento.

Looking for September numbers for the 2017 Kia Sorento SX AWD. Looking for 36/12 or possibly 24/12 if the numbers are better.

To start, I understand September national numbers for 36/12 to be:
MF: .00090
Residual: 59%
Lease cash: $2000

My questions are:
a) are those numbers correct for NY/NJ/CT?
b) any other incentives for that area?
c) is the $1,500 cash back stackable with the lease cash?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!