2017 Jaguar XE discount off MSRP? Is a hack possible?

Hey guys,

Anybody got any idea what % discount off MSRP you can get for the XE? 25t and 35t models?

Truecar says a pathetic 2k off (lol what). This can’t be right. I’m trying to see if I can leasehack this car since the 2018s are out.


Search forum. A few topics on that car.

I think so. Not a lot of interest in the XE. Tons of 17s still on the lots. I’m thinking of getting one myself. Was just quoted a 25t prestige @ 56% residual and mf of 0.000110 for 33/15k. Jag website has advertised prices that beat the pants off of truecar’s prices.

Will take the deal if they work with me on my current lease. Have 1 month left on my Altima.

If anyone has a dealer in the NY / NJ area that is willing to deal on leftover XE 35’s, please let me know. So far, I have not been able to find a place that will even go under invoice on these things, despite having a ton of leftover inventory.

l have 9 months they said they’d write me a check but pretty sure they put what l owe into the lease but 1 month you should be good

FYI. The reason there isn’t any interest in the 2017s is because they gave the 2018s 40 more HP…

The 2018s are also much more expensive though.

I ended up getting about $4k off on my $49k XE 20d (~8%) back in August. I feel like there was probably more room left in my deal back then, and it seems like dealers are getting more and more willing to deal recently.