2017 Jaguar F Type SVR Demo

I would think this car is a prime target for a killer deal.

2017 Jaguar F Type SVR


Looks like it was an executive demo with about 5k miles on the clock. MSRP 133k. I think this is prime target to get a deep discount before applying the incentives. This is a set up similar to the blue one that the guy got a great deal on, but this one has a cheaper msrp and it is a convertible. The blue car the guy also had the Jaguar Loyalty which was a large amount of money (I think $13,500 additional discount). Hornburg can be hot or cold. I have heard of some crazy good deals from them as well as not being willing to negotiate much. Maybe someone on here knows a good point of contact there?


Best of luck!

Here is one in FL:

I guess there are a few out there. I wonder if the price listed on the Florida car you posted is with incentives or is the discounted price based on the car being a demo?

Not sure but I believe with all or most incentives per their site:
“Internet price includes all available rebates and is based on a purchase. Lease sale price may differ. Internet price may be combined with special financing rates…”

I should of known! It is never that easy!