2017 Infiniti QX60 Lease Deal

Hi all,

I’ve searched a few older threads on this topic, but want some info on what to expect for a QX60 for the month of December.

Best offer I have been able to get in Southern California is:

MSRP: $49010 (premium and premium plus packages)
Selling Price: $42210
Money Factor: 0.00064 (
Residual: 61% @ 12k miles per year ($29896)
Monthly Payment after 4050 MSD: $414 including 8% tax, 0 downpayment

Is it possible to get any better than this? I can’t budge these dealerships to go any lower.


I just got for my friend $476 in OC for loaded FWD 39/12K MSRP $58460 Selling $50K with $5977 drive off ($4950 MSDs)

Really? OC Infiniti is one dealer I’ve been dealing with… best he said he can get me is $459 (including tax, before MSD). I’ve tried to get him lower but he just says “this is the best I can do”. Asked him to meet another lease and he “respectfully declined”…

This is also for a premium and premium plus ONLY.
For one with tech package he said 569 before MSD, including taxes.

Best I’ve managed so far:

MSRP: $49010 (premium and premium plus)
Sales Price: $41880
Residual: 62%
Money Factor: .00154
MF after MSD: .00064 (9 MSD)
CA Taxes: 8% (from SoCal)
Monthly Payment (exd. Tax and ind. MSD): $359
Monthly Payment (ind. Tax and MSD): $388
Total Money Due At Signing: 4,475 ($3600 MSD, $388 first payment, $480 licensing and doc)

Is this a solid deal? Think I could squeeze anymore out?

you’re beating that 1% rule so it looks like a solid deal.

How did the residuals change between the 2 deals? Is the first one at 12k/year vs the second at 10k/year? The 2nd offer looks pretty good. Did you need loyalty rebate or VPP to get that pricing?

Residuals changed by just 1% between 10-12k.

I do not qualify for any VPP, just had multiple dealers dealing against each other to keep lowering the sales price.

Is this from OC or Tustin?

This is actually from Metro Infiniti Monrovia

Ampersand, you said you got $476 at OC, did this include any VPP discounts? Wondering how you got so much off MSRP without say an employee discount or veteran discount.

Monrovia is also offering a $480 a month for QX60 w/ tech package (don’t want theater package) but still your deal is $476 with the theater package. Wondering how you did it!

Sorry, I meant OC as in Orange County. The car was from AutoNation Tustin. I have a history with the GM there. Have you asked Tustin to beat the Monrovia quote? Looks like you’re getting just as big a discount as I had gotten so I think you’re close to a rock bottom price.

Oh, well that makes less sense seeing as Tustin is in Orange County hehe. I thought you were referring to Orange Coast the dealer.

I have not asked Tustin to beat the quote, I dealt with Gilbert there and he came off as rather rude… When I tried to ask him to beat a deal Orange Coast, he didn’t even beat it and instead gave me his “best”. It was still worse so I basically had to tell him no deal and he “wished me well”

Are these for 39 month leases? At 12k/year would the return mileage be 36,000 or 39,000 on 36 vs 39 month leases?

At 12K a year, you’d have a total of 39,000 miles on a 39 month lease

Just got a quote on a QX60 MSRP $56k 39 month/10k per month (fwd w/ tech package) - $1,500 down (first month and drive offs) $410/month after tax. Think I can do any better waiting it out or should I pull the trigger? Disclaimer: this is with VPP.

Are you able to pay MSDs?

Yes - Should have mentioned this is also with 9 MSDs

385 looks really good but you are putting 9 MSD, and $1500 down. Firm believer in never putting money down on a lease. MSDs are fine because you get that money back.

How I wish I could get VPP myself though!

how does VPP work? My company also qualify and when I looked at the website, it gives me VPP price, which is horrible. (only $2500 off MSRP etc) Did you just mentioned that you have a claim form and start lowballing aggressively?
Heck of a deal you got there!

I didn’t have to lowball too much, but when I mentioned VPP, they said it gives an extra discount (I think $1,500)

has anyone leased a QX60 recently? can they share their numbers?