2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0T RWD Premium - Just leased

Have been checking out the forum to get information on my new lease and it did help a lot. Just signed, thought I did okay. Hope this helps others as well. Here’s the information:

Infiniti Q50 3.0T RWD Premium with Premium Plus Package
MSRP - $43670
Sale - $32870
10k/39 months
Out of Pocket - $500 ($0 Down, they paid first month, the rest for tax and fees)
Payment - $286 (including SoCal tax)
Lease Hacker score - 13.7

Thanks again everyone!

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Looks like a good deal? I was thinking about getting the same car or maybe a 2.0. Is there a reason you picked the 3.0 and which dealer did you go to? I’m in LA.

Can you message me the dealer info, just looked that car up with same msrp and looks nice and seems well equipped.

Actually seems the pics that were online were wrong as saw other q50s with same msrp and those have smaller wheels and don’t have the front and rear sensors I saw on the first car that had the same msrp

sucks that they are only doing 39 month leases, but great deal nonetheless. Which dealership in SoCal? Thanks!

From reading some 24 mo info on edmunds, the 24 mo payment is about $25ish higher than 39mo, personally I would go for the 24 moz

^^^ If that’s the case, I would also prefer to pay a bit more and do 24, but don’t know the exact numbers behind it… $25 is doable.

ryans, thanks. I picked the 3.0T because I wanted the extra power. I thought the 2.0 was “slightly” underpowered for the car and the 3.0 was just right. Also, my daily drive is fairly short so fuel economy was less of a factor for me. If Infiniti had lower mileage lease terms, I would have gotten those. Short answer, I just had more fun with the 3.0. If fuel economy is a bigger fctor, get the 2.0, they are similarly equipped.

I got the car from Infiniti of Valencia. Look for Kennon Keith, he’ll take care of you. Negotiate well.

nevermsrp, yes, the car I got has the 17 inch rims. I agree, it does look better with the 19s but it wasn’t a must have for me. They do have packages with the 19s on them for a bit more.

Do you have Kennon Keith’s contact info?

have heard of people getting around 250 if dealer is willing to play, havent seen it on the east caost though, if i can get 250, might pull the trigger

That’s a killer discount, good deal.

Hey… Looks like a great deal… hat was the RV and MF ? This was a 2017, not a 2016?

Did you apply any incentives?