2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium AWD Deal Terms

I believe I got a great deal here in NY on a Graphite Shadow/Graphite 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium AWD with Premium Plus Package, Illuminated Kick Plates, Splash Guards and Cargo Package. Here are the details:

MSRP: $46,085
Sale Price: $37,506 (note: Invoice = $43,124)
Cap Cost Reduction: 0
Net Cap Cost: $37,506
Term: 39 months
Mileage Allowance: 15,000 per year
MF: 0.00003 (0.07%)
Residual: 51%
Sales Tax Rate (NY): 8.625%
Monthly Payment: $360.87 before taxes / $392.11 with taxes rolled in

Out of pocket will be first month’s lease payment ($392.11), acquisition fee ($700), tax on acquisition fee and DMV charges (less than $200 total).

Leasehackr score: 10.6

I have a 2014 Q50 lease coming up in February, so I’m also taking advantage of the pull-ahead program where Infiniti will take back my 2014 early and waive two remaining lease payments.

oh yess i heard about this deal. but i wasn’t sure if it was 2016 or 2017 .

my lease broker told me its $329 a month… calculating the roll in tax, it roughly comes in to $360.

how is the Q50 btw?

What promotional discounts did you apply to get it $5,618 below invoice?

I wouldn’t buy any car without the tech package adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist makes driving much more relaxing.

I believe you can do even better with a 2016 if you can still find the model/package combo you want. I’ve been driving a Q50 Hybrid for the past three years and I have nothing but love for it. I test drove a couple other models/manufacturers as my lease was coming up, and they just didn’t excite me. So, I’m getting into another Q50.

davewade, I couldn’t find any publicized incentives/discounts on Infiniti models and I’ve been researching for the past few weeks. The dealer I worked with also did not disclose any. That said, there must be a sizeable manufacturer to dealer incentive that give the dealers flexibility to deal. I’m also coming off of an existing Infiniti lease, which might also play a role in giving the dealer more incentive (loyalty) dollars to play with.

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I’m in NJ, and wife wants Q50 3.0T AWD 12k with premium plus and driver assistance package (MSRP ~48k) . What’s the best we can expect to do on this car paying only first month at drive off? Any recommendations on who I should call in the bridgewater area to get the best deal?

who is your broker? Thank you!!

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All I see it mazda, hyudai and Accura.

Where are you located?

South florida
South florida

hey guys,

my broker just asked if i want 2017 Q50 3.0t AWD (with protection package for lease end)

MSRP $46k

not sure abt RV and MF but basically ;

monthly payment of $340 with tax enrolled
$1500 up front (NOT a down payment but doc fees i guess?)
39 month…

sounds alrite ?

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that is very good. Which state is this?

it is NY. it was originally 347 but i am trying to see if i cna knock off 7 dollars per month loolll

but i wonder what 1500 fee is… it will be new title so i know it would be little bit more expensive then transfer…

also, another thing i worry about is reliability…

since its a lease, i really dun think it will be a big problem, but i never had infinity so do not know if they are reliable cars…

Modern cars are reliable enough, plus, who cares if it breaks down, it will be under warranty almost the entire time.

i dun see it in the app though… =(


Can you please tell me which area in NY you are?

Stops these spams please. Worthless app.

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its under the …