2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0 AWD Premium Lease

Thinking about leasing this vehicle. The MSRP is $44,500. The dealer is offering the following deal.

$310 a month, nothing down, no other fees, tax included, everything included. Nothing due at signing, everything is in the $310. This is for 39 months / 10K per month.

There is a $10 per month optional wear and tear protection which I’m thinking about getting which gives me a $5K wear and tear allowance when returning the vehicle. This can be used for anything, scratches, tears, dents, rips, worn tires and brakes even extra mileage.

Additionally dealer will pay first month and he will pay off the remaining lease on my vehicle which is $350.

So basically $320 x 39 = $12,480 - $350 (dealer paid off previous lease) - $310 (dealer paid first month) = $11,820.

$11,820 / 39 = $303 per month.

Good deal for this car?

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I think that is a very good deal. Especially if you are on a high tax rate state. I would take it.

Tax is 9%. This is in PA

I think its a great deal. Again, just my opinion without knowing all the possible details as in rebates, residuals, etc.

He is telling me that he is loosing 2.5K on this deal to make it happen because if he meets a certain quota Infiniti gives the dealership a bonus which will offset his loss. Possible?

Yes, manufacturer gives a bonus for each car to the dealership if they meet a sales quota. So it could be 1000 or more for each car. If they sell 150 cars or whatever the quota, you do the math. Most manufacturers do this but i dont think they do it every month.

I have been offered $289 /month with tax included for a car with sticker of $46100. The lease is 39/12K. This is a premium with premium plus and some other things like kick plates, cargo package etc. This is with $400 at pickup which included 1st month payment and DMV costs. Everything else is rolled in the payment and the tax rate is 8.375%

I made it clear I am not paying and doc fees and they can charge whatever they want for it and reduce the cap cost by that amount.

This price also includes wheel locks and window itching which i didn’t care for and include 2 years of factory suggested maintenance as well.

I however had a VPP A code which I got from IFS as I am an existing Infiniti lease holder. That amounts to $1250 so others can calculate the payment accordingly.


hn308, just sent you a message, that sounds like a great deal with the 12k miles, what state are you in?

I am in NY metro area.

I am picking up the car this Friday and after that I will post the exact numbers in detail.

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Well it looks like you have some more room to negotiate. Dont forget dealer paying first month and remaining lease of about 600 plus 400 that HN308 is putting down adds to 1000 or 30 bucks a month. Plus he has a 1250 discount that amounts to.about 35 a month. So its 65 bucks a month difference or a payment of 289 plus 65 equals 354 a month. In addition, your tax rate is a bit higher as well by 62 basis points. He got higher msrp though and more mileage, but overall they are both great deals in my opinion.

i believe HN308 is getting premium plus package which includes heated seats, kaml79 is getting premium package which is why the MSRP’s are almost 2000 apart, correct me if i am wrong HN308

You are right. I’m getting only Premium, not the Plus. But NY13 is also right in that HN308 is actually paying $354. The dealer I’m at wants to do $340 all in on the Plus. With the wear and tear protection it would be $350. This car is for my wife and she never used heated seats on the other car we have, and since she is the only driver we don’t care about memory seats. Navigation she uses her phone anyway in our other car that has navigation since she likes it better, so we really don’t need the plus. I pulled the plug and took the deal. Thank you for all your help.

Congrats to all… enjoy your new cars :v:

kami79 - You’re in PA? Do you mind sharing the dealer info? I’d love to recreate this deal.


I sent you an email with the dealer info.


Both deals are good as suggested but they are a little different as your sticker is lower and has less miles. That VPP A code didn’t cost me anything so you can’t say I am paying 354.

The best way to compare a deal is to see how much below MSRP can you get the cap cost to and add any fees the dealer is charging to derive adj cap cost. See how much percentage it is below MSRP and than you have a fair comparison. The deal I am offered is 22% below MSRP with all fees except sales tax included in it.

All below numbers are WITHOUT using a VPP code so readers can make a fair comparison to the deals they are offered.

MSRP is 46100 and cap cost is $10800 below MSRP plus 700 acquisition fee and sales tax rolled in to derive a payment of $323.41.

My payment without sales tax is $298.40 for people in other states if they want to compare without adding the tax.

I suggest if anyone can get around 11K below sticker it would work into a great payment for this car and if you do have a VPP code like i do it makes it better. I believe all existing infiiti lease holders can call their loyalty manager and get the code pretty easily.


This is a great deal. I lease 46,800 vehicle for 340 a month(no down 1st month included/tax included). I also used Vpp discount.
Now, I think I could had done better

@HN308 If you don’t mind sharing, with which dealership are you working? Also, when you say we can get VPP codes by calling our loyalty manager, what do you mean? (I’m a current Infiniti Lessee).

Kami79: can you let me know which PA dealer? Also I’m wondering if I have a vpp deal as I have about 6 months left on my g37 lease. And, does anyone know how the residual compares for the regular and sport q50s? I’d probably be most interested in a 3.0 sport

You got a good deal considering the December Q50 lease rates Infiniti is offering. The mf is so low you can’t use MSDs, but the residuals are also really low.