2017 i3 lease deal - Need help

Lease Gurus out there . I’m planning to lease an i3REx and attached is the initial quote I have received from a dealer. Can someone help me understand how the monthly payment is 470$ compared to 329$ I’m getting with the Lease calculator available here.

Any help is much appreciated.


Can anyone help me here ?

Hard to tell, but I think perhaps they have rolled all your upfronts into the payment (doc fee, licensee fee,1st month’s payment and tax on rebate), which would increase the payment about 50 bucks a month by itself ($1475 rolled in). I cannot explain the additional difference, but my recommendation would be to supply your calculations to the dealer and ask them to explain the discrepancy.

I can’t make the numbers work either. Can I clarify that you have a $7,500 carb rebate and the customer cash of £3,500, is $2,500 of that coming from CA as a rebate? Giving you a total reduction from MSRP of $3,500 + $3,500 + $7,500 = $14,500?

I believe the tick boxes next the fees, if selected mean they are being paid upfront so that means the have rolled the acquisition fee into the lease which is common practice. You could always ask them to remove it and have it paid upfront in order to reduce your monthly.

Having said that about the tick boxes, which I am positive is their function, it seems your drive off consists entirely of the MSDs. This is either beyond me, most likely, or the numbers on the computer are wrong. @max_g do you have any thoughts?

I got $470 incl tax per month with 3571 DAS

Can you post a screen shot to educate from the leasehackr calculator?

Or 3457.80 DAS

Posting sheet here:

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Basically the 7500 rebate is used as follows:

6034.07 CCR
1465.93 rebate on DAS

There’s probably some tax or other discrepancy that prevents me from getting exactly 3500 DAS but I got exactly 470.09 / month

@user_2015 you probably used 36 month term instead of 30

It is all there in his original numbers isn’t it, I just did not see the part where the 7500 was split between drive off and cap reduction.

Thanks for clarifying. Seems a slightly unorthodox way of doing it is it not?

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It’s probably just optics…reduce the monthly, reduce the DAS…make both look “reasonable” or at least unobjectionable.

Sure, I guess it is not the norm because for me, I would want to reduce the amount of money I pay interest on and not my upfront