2017 Hyundai Sonata plugin Limited - expert opinion required

Hi LH gurus,
I am eyeing for a 2017 Hyundai Sonata plugin Limited with MSRP around $39k. The best offer I got was $350 with $0 downpayment $0 driveoff. Any idea what would a really good deal excluding the state rebate.

EDIT - This is Bay area.

Selling price, rebates and RV/MF?

Sounds about right.
Are you eligible for the A-plan?
1500 state rebate, 500 PG&E would definitely help.
You can check also if a single pay lease is reasonable.
Have you checked KIA version of this car as well?

I haven’t received those details yet.

What is A plan? I am planning to leverage the Uberdriver and Boostup. I will check if they have any single pay option. As far as KIA is consider, I am not interested.

Some Bay area companies like Google have A-plan for employees, there are additional rebate.
I think with Uber/Boost up its already good :slight_smile:
Try to ping other dealers for the best offer.

Did you end up taking the deal? Can you share specifics of your deal? What was the selling price, miles per year, etc. The closest I have gotten is 395 including tax and driveoff

38K for a Sonata is very high, what’s so special about this trim level?

I couldn’t use my boostup account since my account was not 30 days old. By the time I was eligible the deal was no longer available.

This trim has everything you expect from fully loaded car except the moon/sun roof. The feature that I wanted was seat memory. Since I have back pain, I need to adjust the seat to a spefic alignment otherwise I cant drive more than 30 mins at stretch. With multiple driver I felt its a great feature.