2017 Hyundai Elantra

Alright here we go:

2017 Hyundai Elantra SE Limited Value Edition
12k/36 month lease
$179 a month, all taxes and fees included.
MSRP $19290

This was quoted over email. Not sure if I should go in and knock them down some more. Is this a good deal? Seems to me.

I did find that:
.00092 ARP
62% residual

Is this correct to use?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is this a true zero drive off deal? What is the sales price?

What’s your tax rate and how is it applied (on the monthly, upfront or on the vehicle’s selling price)? The only way to compare apples to apples is to compare pre-tax and pre-DMV fee numbers.

This would most likely be the Money Factor (MF) and not the APR.

LOL@ “Limited Value Edition”

There’s another car, I think either a Toyota or Hyundai, where the Limited trim has a Convenience Package, aka the Limited Convenience Package.

Let me try to better explain this:

I called and talked to the sales guy today. When asked, he did say it was a true sign and drive deal. I just have to pay whatever DMV fees i have. Which would just be the title fee $50.

I live in New York and the law here is that you pay tax on the amount that you use. So is the payment is $100 a month * 36 months = $3600; im paying tax on the $3600 at 8.75% sales tax = $315.

Yes, i meant 0.00092 is the MF. That number is from a year ago though… Still digging for new numbers. Anyone?

Here is the ad:

When i emailed him, he gave me two options:
$1800 down; $145 a month for 12K/36 months
$0 down; $179 a month for 12K/36 months.

When calculated out, the $179 a month option is the cheaper option. I asked on the phone about what exactly the taxes/fees were and he gave me a very very quick explanation. Basically he said going from 10k to 12k added about $15 a month… so @ $179 that gives me $164 a month if it was 10k miles. From the original $135 a month, thats a $29 difference which is ~$1000 for taxes and fees.

Is this making any sense? lol Im still new at this.

It’s time to know each critical line item below and not just discuss vaguely “taxes and fees”…since “and fees” could mean anything from Destination to Acq to Doc (not much in NY, where it’s capped, but could be much more elsewhere).

Selling price

Although I am new to the leasing process, I had previously inquired about a 2017 Hyundai Elantra, although I asked about the Limited model and the Value Edition model. Other than this great site, Edmunds.com is a great tool for research. The #'s I got from the Edmunds 2017 Hyundai Elantra Forum for the 2017 Elantra Limited was:
Limited: .00044 MF and 54% residual. $3000 lease cash.
For the 2017 Elantra Valus Edition it was:
Value Edition: .00106 MF and 56% residual. $3000 lease cash.

There is also a $500 Retail Bonus cash available but I’m not sure if its available for leases or in combination with the lease cash?

You could ask for the MF/RES for your particular model here or on the Edmunds forums. The moderators are pretty fast to respond.

These were for 36 month/ 12,000 miles per year leases in NYC/Long Island. I believe the rates stay the same for Buffalo.
Edmunds show the rates for the Elantra Eco as:
.00067MF and 55% residual. $3000 lease cash.
Sorry, I didn’t see any rates for the SE model.

JCN, if your rates are from this month they are still current.

I asked at the beginning of the month and just checked on Edmunds to make sure.

I feel like this car and the chevy cruze are pretty similar. If you qualify for all the incentives with the cruze I’m not sure I would pay alot more for this car. If you can be a bit brand flexible with your lease there are GREAT deals out there now.

At least in my area, Ive found that this deal to be less than the Cruze. Most deals advertise are on the LS which is like the rental car package. I dont have a lease already in my household so theres usually ~$500. I find them to be about ~$2500 a year when all said in done. This deal is playing out to be around $2000.

This is sign & drive for $179 for 12k miles. Everything is included in that $179. If i take and input all of the information into the calculator here, using there $18,942 price listed for the stock tag that is listed in the ad, i get $180 a month. There is a $3000 lease cash that is a current incentive. So seems to me, there sticker price is there sale price. The guy seemed to avoid that while on the phone when asked.

"2017 Hyundai Elantra SE: Assuming an automatic transmission, .00072 and 56%. $3000 lease cash. "

Any update? Did you get a better price?

I’m scheduled to meet with him tomorrow to go over exactly what car and numbers. I will not purchase on the spot. That’s just not who I am so I will update you.

Thanks…I’m looking at it for my daughter.

What kind of deals have you found?

Did not pull the trigger yet us my daughter is going where she does not need a car…however March numbers change at all?

2017 Elantra SE Popular Package or Value Edition
Sedan / Auto


Bumping for updates, thanks

Got this today and not touching with a ten foot pole. Advisor originally quoted $182/month zero down/taxes and tags included and i asked if they can beat $167 a month (all inclusive)…gave me $165 and i asked for the worksheet - shows worse…

MSRP 20090
18301 Incentives ($3500 - is this correct? i thought it was $3000 only)
738 credit score

How is that worse? Do you mean the 89cents more than $165?