2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport possible deal >1%

What do you guys think of this deal?

You should search the forum… saw this recently but you can dig deeper to see the numbers other have gotten. The $229 ($215 with $500 bonus drive) is the best I’ve seen I believe.

I did have more lease support in my region to get to that lower number $3250 vs the $1500 shown here, so that makes a pretty big difference. I’m curious to see if the lease support for the 2017’s goes away next month.

I’ve been trying to get a good lease on the Sport for a couple weeks, but no luck. The closest I came was $260 month nad $500 first payment(inc 1st mth) for a 2017 automatic with prem pkg.

The best offer I got on the 2018 base model automatic was $280. If I can get it down to about $230ish, I likely will buy one. At this point I figure I will wait a month or two. There was $1500 lease cash in my region this month, and I’m hoping it will get a bit better, or at least the dealers will discount it a bit more.