2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport lease

I drive less than 10,000 miles a year, and miss having a car with boost, so am considering a lease on a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport. I have owned all of my vehicles to this point, and have a buyer for my present car without going upside down, so I am interested in leasing. I tend to get a new car every 5 years or so.

Here’s the breakdown, from the dealer:

MSRP- $22,585
Initial capitalization cost- $21,587

  • $595 acquisition fee
  • $3,000 Hyundai Lease Cash
    Adjusted capitalization cost- $19,182

36 month / 10,000 mile residual- 53%
36 month money factor- 0.00016

36 month / 10,000 miles per year
with $0 money down, only your first payment and plate fees due at the time of signing
$205.32 a month plus tax
$225.85 a month including PA sales tax

Breakdown of first payment and plate fees:
First payment- $225.85
New plate fee + all additional registration fees- $300.55
Total of first payment and plate fees- $526.40

Is this worthwhile? I am not in a rush, so I want to make sure I get a good deal.

Thank you!

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seems to me like it follows the rule of thumb ok of 1 percent.

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What do you mean by the “rule of 1%”?

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Payment is 1% of MSRP

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Sorry guys, probably should have posted this here (Sport vs Value)

It seems as this is actually a really good deal, then.

We have a quick-and-dirty guide that we use to see if we are at a good starting point for lease negotiations.

Monthly payment (including tax) should be < 1% MSRP for 36m/10k lease with $0 down (just drive-offs). This is just a starting point to see if you are near or far … cars that lease well should be a lot better in terms of payment but for cars that don’t lease well (or optioned to the max), you may be pretty close to that number.

@DocSci82 where are you located? I am trying to get a deal close to what you have (on little credit history, first lease) and first offer is at $293/mo with $0 down (see link above)

At $225, I’m slightly above 1%. Does this rule include tax?

The port installed addons kill my < 1% deal. Before I do the 3k in addons after the car it works out to be lower then 1% but after the 3.5k in extra crap it goes above 1% and its KILLING ME. but its residualized I keep telling myself :frowning:

There is another $500 Valued Owner (worth ~$14/mo) if you own a Hyundai vehicle

I need some help…!

MSRP: $26,345
Sale price: $25,507
Hyundai offer: $2,000
HMF offer: $750
College grad: $400
12K miles per year, 36 months, lives in Indiana.

Just got a quote from a dealer:

$2,600 down (this is weird because they are cutting checks for me for my trade after payoff, and dealer taking $2,600 from the check, so I consider that as down payment).
$243 per month, including all fees and taxes
$243 drive off

How does this sound? Any idea what is a good monthly payment with no down?

Looks to be rather awful. You are barely getting a discount and you apparently have a down payment. 1/10 would not recommend. Maybe go to the Chicago area where there are more dealers and thus more competition.

Thanks. Would $250 a month/drive off/all fees and taxes included/zero down a good deal then?

Personally, I would never pay $250 a month for an Elantra, but it meets the 1% rule at least

I understand. I had that feeling as well, but the new Sport model is just so great.

He may be thinking of a base Elantra.

My Sport, at least IMHO, is well worth the $224 mo (tax and wear and tear warranty included), no money down. It has a brilliant motor, lots of tech, and a great suspension setup. I’m about 1000 miles in to my 36 mo lease. Loving the car.

Dang, is that premium model? What was the MSRP and terms that got you to $224? Which dealer?

NVM, you actually posted the thread :frowning:

It does not have the premium package.

MSRP was $19,500 after a $3k lease cash deal they were offering. Residual value $12500.

I have top tier credit. I’m sure that helped.

I tried to find a catch. There wasn’t one, other than overlooking a $199 VIN etching fee. Oh well. I got a great deal.

Bowser Hyundai, in Pittsburgh.


Just got the best quote so far:
MSRP: $26,500
12K miles per year, 36 months, Indiana, fees and taxes included.

$235 down
$265 monthly payment
Drive-off: $235+$265=$500
Roughly $272 per month effectively. I have to admit these cars are rare. Thoughts?

$200 - $225 seems reasonable for what it is. At that price you’re closing in on WRX lease rates.