2017 HRV EX cloth Interior

Good morning. Looking for this today. Seems like the dealers I have called don’t want to go under $1700 off MSRP. I don’t qualify for Recent Grad or Military.
I am sure they move the RV up and or down at will… Is there an OFFICIAL place I can look to make sure they are not making stuff up when I go there this afternoon?
They sticker is $24555. They want only $1700 off that…
Any ideas what else I can do?
Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Honda HRV]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [60564]

Dealers cannot move the RV at will. Hondas are pretty popular and so do not lease well usually.

You can keep calling other dealers or wait until the end of the month and walk in with your offer. How much off do you want?

Yes. They are popular and they move so I don’t expect much movement off the price. I was hoping 10% but that seems pretty unrealistic the way it looks…I was shopping for a Renegade. Getting 20% off MSRP off the bat but the RV was pretty awful… so bad that even with a lower Cap Cost, my payment was quoted at $330 w/ the Latitude 4x4…
On this HRV they want $273

It’s a timing thing… I have to do it today…

They might budge when your actually at the dealer

The GMC dealer near me in Southern California is doing GMC Terrain leases for $149 with $0 drive off for those with a non-GM lease terminating.