2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

Dealer is offering me this deal on 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD in Maryland

Selling Price - $39860

Lease Term - 36 months

Mileage - 12,000 miles

Money Factor - .00210

Residual Value - 57%

Due at Signing - $8000 (Cap Cost Reduction, Sales Tax (6%), Fees, First Month Payment, Tag & Title)

Monthly Payment - $448.76 (includes 6% sales tax)

Good Deal??

Probably just get the due at signing down to $7800 instead of $8000 and then you’ll be good.

That would only be about $665/month with no money down for 36 months.

Or you could skip the Pilot and buy a yacht instead for the same price.

No!!! It’s terrible!!!

Check out the MDX and QX60 - you could get either for less money. Generally, Pilots don’t lease well compared to other vehicles because Honda has no trouble selling them instead of leasing. If you must have a Pilot, consider purchasing because of how bad the money factor is on the lease. You would be wasting a significant amount of money in interest cost.


Look at the Volvo’s, Lexus, or even Acura for better SUV deals

I was looking to replace our Pilot and also got terrible offers so we went with a Highlander for $400/mo compared to $600/mo on a comparable Pilot. After having the Highlander a few weeks it is so much nicer than the previous gen Pilot and we love that all the safety features come standard.

The thing I like about the Pilot is the accessibility to the 3rd row with the 1 touch button.

A one touch button is not worth several hundred dollars per month IMHO. Look at Acadia, MDX, GX460, etc.

Ouch. We did better on our $54K MSRP Infiniti QX60. Not to mention we looked at the loaded up Pilot until we saw all the 9 speed transmission issues and the ridiculous lease offers. MDX and QX60 were the two we narrowed it down to. Even the loaded up Highlander at $10k less MSRP than our QX60 was more expensive.

Much better off to buy a Pilot if that is what you want.

Thanks for the advice. That is what I will do. Going to go ahead and buy and finance thru my credit union. I’m have an offer on the Pilot AWD EX-L for $500 below invoice in Rockville, Maryland.