2017 Honda Clarity Electric (36 mo/20K) for $199/mo with $899 due (not including taxes, registration and fees) CA and OR residents only


Steve, I’m fairly confident now that there are no electric-only Clarity’s left in California and the only ones we could find in Oregon where three gray ones. But, if you want gray and don’t mind paying $500 for shipping, they are available on the $199/mo $899 down deal. (In California, tax brings that up to about $220/mo and $1,500 down.)


do you know if I get it from OR I still qualify the CA state rebate ? And which dealership is it ?


I was dealing with Jeff Scoville at 541-231-3013. He’s a really nice and helpful guy.

Here’s the phone number to check on the California rebate. 866-984-2532


CVRP site says,”Vehicles may not be purchased or leased out of state.”


bldog1, thanks for the research, and I’m going to assume the same holds true for the electric company rebate.

That saves me a bunch of time this morning because it makes the $199/mo deal much less attractive.


Which OR dealership has it? I don’t mind paying $500 to ship it to CA.


jcplu, for the gray electric-only, call Jeff Scoville at 541-231-3013, I think it’s University Honda. But did you see the post up above about losing the $2,500 California rebate?

This deal was just advertised - Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, California is offering a $239/month lease with $4000 due at signing on the base model hybrid.

Is this a sign of what’s coming up for the weekend? Dealers have lots of hybrids in stock.


Even without the $2500 it would be worth it for the right person. Mainly because of the 60000 mileage allowance for only $199/mo.


Looks like they updated the CVRP terms on Jan 30th 2018.

It use to say: Eligible vehicles may be purchased out-of-state, but applicants must be California residents at the time of vehicle purchase.

Bummer :frowning:

edit: date


I wonder if there’s a way to get my local Honda dealer to transfer the car from OR so they can sell it to me in CA.

Do we have anyone in this forum that works for a Honda dealership in So Cal?


I highly doubt that would be possible as there is a specific reason they are selling in CA and OR. Honda needs the sale in OR. That stated, they may not even be able to sell to anyone not registering within the state of sale. Keep in mind they have state specific lease agreement paperwork for the BEV Clarity.


I was at Norm Reeves Honda in Irvine this Monday charging my BEV Clarity. On the lot, I noticed they had 1 gray BEV with carpool stickers but no plates, covered in dust like it’s been sitting. Might be worth a call to them if someone is still looking for one.


That’s odd, Why would a new car has carpool sticker on it already?


Dealers can apply for and get the stickers even before the vehicle has been sold.


Well, we’ve verbally committed to bringing an Oregon car down to California. We’ll lose the $2,500 California rebate and have to pay about $650 to ship the car, but the $199/$899 deal makes it worthwhile for us.


Anyone knows when the 2018 version will be out?


Long thread. Looks like a lot of people are very pleased with the car. No offense but I’m just curious why people choose this over the i3? Am I missing something?

  1. 89 miles vs 120 miles of i3 BEV or 180 miles of i3 REX
  2. Honda vs BMW
  3. BMW provides free chargenow
  4. Price wise it’s about the same (Presumably you need to spend a little extra time negotiating though, but not that difficult), and possibly you can get better deals with the i3

This is leasehackr forum, and reason why I have such questions. The general public would think that it costs $400-$500 to lease the i3 (usually how some dealers quote you the first time).
The only advantage for Honda Clarity that I can think of is that it’s a 5 seater as opposed to i3 being a 4 seater. But of course I’m not familiar with the car at all and could be ignorant. Do drive the i3 and really enjoy it.
Again, I mean no offense. Simply being curious.


Size might play a large role. It’s not just 4 vs. 5 seats, but backseat legroom and trunk space. The Clarity is simply a much larger car more in the range of the Accord.



Same here. However, still trying to find a way to get the $2,500 credit. Perhaps a California Honda dealer can coordinate with Oregon dealer so that all the lease paperwork is originated in California and simply pick the vehicle up in Oregon? The dealers do not make any money off theses leases as it is a Honda corporate program.


For me it was the 20K a year mileage allowance on the Clarity BEV. I do like the styling of the i3 better, but similar priced i3’s only have 10-12k mile per year leases only