2017 Honda Civic Lease

I am interested in a Honda Civic hatchback in the EX-L trim. I’m open to the sedan and coupe models, but I prefer the hatchback. Please share any info you may have. Interested in the EX-L trim for all, but will settle if the price is too expensive. 36 or 39 months, 15k miles per-year, all taxes and fees rolled in. Thanks!

Did you try searching the forum. There were quite a few Civic discussions over the past few days.

Another new member who doesn’t read through forums and mistakes us as a free broker


I have looked through and did not find what I was looking for. They were all for the 2016 civic and none had info on the hatchback. My apologies for any sour feelings here; however, I simply did not find the answers I sought out to find. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

My mistake to you both - I was looking in the wrong part of the site. Thank you