2017 Honda Civic Lease Advice

HI I was at a dealer tonight, I ended up getting a offer of 257.81 SIGN AND DRIVE

MSRP is 23,035
Sale Price 21,233
MF .0005
RV 57%
Term 36 months
12000 miles

Is this a good deal? I believe it to be average and I can do better then that.
What is the range I would like to get to. I believe 225 to be archivable

I wouldn’t pay anywhere close to 250 225 or 200.

I just got a 20k msrp hyundai elantra se with popular package for $93 a month including sales tax in payment with 375 due at signing to putt around in to work and an extra car in house.

While there is a lot to like with hondas styling, when it comes to leases, they fall short. I’m from NJ and the best offer I’ve got was 10k/36 195 a month on an EX. The other offer was 225 per month and that was after grueling back and forth in the dealership. Check out the elantra value edition and sign up for uber before negotiations.

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